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"There is no individual creativity in the universe. Creativity is a natural by-product of relationship, whether it is relationship you see or don’t see. “Creative individual” is a contradiction in terminology.There are only creative relationships. Somewhere, someone has connected to something else that is real, inherent and genuine, and this produces a remarkable contribution. This is creativity, and it is very exciting because the individuals involved realize they are part of something greater that is working through them." [1]

Knowledge “is in a state of peace and activity all at once. This is a state that you will have the opportunity to achieve while you are in the world. Its peace has no boundaries and no end. It is fathomless. Its ability to inspire powerful action is without parallel in the world. Its ability to encourage creative or productive thinking is also without a second in the world.” [2]

The source of creativity

"All great contributors in all fields and endeavors must at some point come to terms with the reality and the fact that what they are giving comes from beyond them, that they themselves are a medium, a messenger and a provider for something greater from beyond themselves. This is the reality of their creativity." [3]

The need and value of creativity

"Holding back the creativity of women alone means that half of the human race is handicapped and restrained. Half of the great gifts of Knowledge—contribution, compassion and service—are denied the human family, denied for cultural reasons, denied because of poverty, denied because of oppression by powerful forces within government and even religion." [4]

Expression of Freedom

"Despite humanity’s long existence in this world, you are a young race—immature, unwary and unsuspecting. You have many great qualities. You have kept spirituality and creativity alive in the world, where they have died in so many other worlds—advanced technological worlds that are sterile and secular, where individual freedom is unknown. You have great promise. But you have great problems, and you have some disabilities as well—the tendency towards human denial. And your tribalism, which has served you in the past, can blind you now." [5]

Threat to neighboring worlds

"Those neighbors who are not free will look upon the freedoms that you have cultivated thus far with great anxiety and with great concern, not wanting these influences to be exerted within their own worlds. You have no idea what your music and your dance could evoke in such worlds and why they are viewed as a threat to those controlling powers that dominate them." [6]


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