Human unity and cooperation

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Human Unity and Cooperation

"Unity for a race must be established sooner or later. It can be established through submission and domination or through consensus and wisdom. This too represents a fundamental choice. Unfortunately, most nations that we know of, and certainly most nations in this region of space, have chosen the former option, choosing the submission and domination of their peoples to establish a unity of purpose and to crush dissent. Free nations, which are so rare in the universe, have chosen consensus and wisdom as their overriding need and emphasis." [1]

"The evolution of the world is casting a greater shadow over humanity and a greater difficulty, but a difficulty that can redeem the world and unite its population, a difficulty that can put everyone in the same boat and give everyone the same problem. Where, then, will you look for help? You may look to God, but God will point you towards one another. Therefore, you must look towards one another. “How can we work together? How can we work together to strengthen and to unify our race and to secure and to balance our world?” This won’t be merely an altruistic wish. It will become a vital necessity. It will be something everyone has to think about. And those who refuse to do so will work against humanity at large and will generate conflict and discord." [2]

"In your longer meditations attempt to penetrate today's idea. Do not be complacent here, but actively engage your mind as your mind was meant to be engaged. Try to recognize your own ambivalence about the world becoming one community. Try to recognize your fears and concerns about this. Try to recognize as well your desire for one community and your understanding that this is necessary. Once you take inventory of your own thoughts and feelings concerning today’s idea, you will further understand why the world is in its current predicament. The world has a certain destiny and a certain course to follow, yet it is ambivalent about everything. Thus, the world itself must unlearn ambivalence, as you are now learning to do, and your accomplishments will assist it in its great undertaking, for this is your contribution to the world."[3]

Role of the Individual

"You are entering the age of human responsibility and cooperation. You must be a part of this, or your life will be wasted." [4]

"For humanity to become unified, individuals must become unified, within themselves and with other people. This is how a new fabric of unity is established. The great tapestry of life is woven strand by strand, person by person. Do not think another will do this for you. Do not think such great things are only left up to people who are great, who are heroes or heroines, for this is your responsibility. This is your calling—not to gain spiritual immunity, not to become all knowing or all powerful, but to join your mind with other minds in Knowledge, to become stronger than you are or ever could be as an individual. The Greater Community is made up of communities. That which is powerful in the Greater Community is communities. Your mind alone, no matter how developed, cannot contend with a community mind. That is why we teach the Four Pillars of life, so that you have the basis for learning how to join with others—genuinely, truthfully, honestly, effectively. We do not send you off on your solo pursuit for spiritual enlightenment. We bring you into the world and teach you how to engage with others and join with others to bear fruit here within the world." [5]


"If any nation in your world seeks to remain aggressive and hostile, its resources can be denied to it by the rest of the world. This is what happens in the Greater Community should any nation become aggressive and hostile, seeking to dominate or overwhelm other nations, seeking conquest of territory or seeking to eliminate its competitors. Such a nation will have to face a united opposition by all others who are involved in their networks of trade. This has effectively eliminated a great deal of conflict in the universe. It is necessity, then, that drives such cooperation. Yet humanity has not yet established such agreements, for it has not had to face what all advancing nations in the universe must face, and that is the depletion of their resources." [1]

Facing the Great Waves of Change

"It will be the necessity of facing the Great Waves of Change and cooperating to meet its challenges that will unite humanity at last. Humanity will not be united because of an agreed political agenda or shared ideology or shared religion. It will not be the result of a natural reconciliation between cultures, nations and groups. It will be generated by a very fundamental truth—the truth that united you can succeed, but divided you will fail."[6]

"For nations to survive environmental decline in this world and increasing political and economic upheaval and difficulty, you will have to cooperate with each other. Instead of fighting, you will have to find ways to provide enough food, water and energy for the people of the world. That will be the prevailing and dominating need of the future here on Earth." [7]

Facing the Greater Community

"It is this great threshold that will finally give people the common need to join together, to unify their abilities. Only a greater need that confronts every person can do this. The growing environmental and social problems of the world will require a new unity as well, but the Greater Community will be the real motivating force." [5]

"Unity gives you strength, but also respect in the Greater Community." [1]

"Once you lose your self-sufficiency, everything is lost that you value, for you will not be able to establish the terms of engagement to gain access to those things upon which you have now become dependent. Other nations will determine your behavior and your participation. It is a fact of life.

"You cannot take your local universe by conquest because you will be opposed by everyone. This is a very different picture from your movies and your science fiction and your fantasies, your hopes and your unspoken expectations. This casts a very different picture on the importance of human unity and cooperation here on Earth, the importance of securing and building human freedom and the power and presence of Knowledge that God has placed within each person.

"Here freedom is not simply to become indulgent and unaccountable to anyone or anything else. It becomes an essential element of your participation in life. Here your greater gifts can be called forth, for you realize you are here to serve the great and imperiled needs of humanity. Here everything within you that is true and genuine becomes activated and called for. Here nations will cease their endless conflicts and try to create stability for themselves and their neighbors to assure their future well-being and to protect themselves against intervention from the outside." [8]

"Only a united humanity can become strong and self-determining in the Greater Community. If it continues to be weak and divided, it will not be able to amass the strength, the will and the determination that it needs. It will not be able to develop a group mind experience that is necessary in developing interactions with other races of intelligent life who are visiting the world now and who will visit the world in the future. It is the result of humanity’s weakness and lack of unity that has given the Greater Community forces in the world such an advantage and has encouraged them to use tactics that really do not serve the best interests of humanity."[9]

Role of the New Message

New Message from God

"God's Will is for humanity to unite, to preserve the world and to prepare for its future in the Greater Community—a future where humanity’s freedom will be challenged repeatedly, a future where humanity will be seduced by the offers of alien technology, a future with many hazards, but a future where humanity must maintain human freedom and sovereignty within this world. Lose this and you lose everything—all the accomplishments of humanity. Only God’s New Revelation can show you these things, for they were not part of God’s previous Revelations. Humanity did not need to know of the Greater Community, and humanity was not facing a world in decline in previous eras. But now you are facing these things, and you must prepare, and that is why an emissary was sent into the world bringing a New Message from God. He is not a savior. He is not magnificent. He is simple and humble. He is the Messenger." [10]

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