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"The three fundamental requirements to be free" ... "in the universe are unity, a united population, self-sufficiency and extreme discretion."[1]

"Humanity’s self-sufficiency means that everything you need comes from this one world so that you are not dependent upon trade and influence with others in the Greater Community— others who would easily take advantage of a young, emerging race such as your own."[2]


"Become conscious about how you live and what you consume and find what you can do to support the environment. As the Allies emphasize, our self-sufficiency as a race will be necessary to safeguard our freedom and advancement within a Greater Community of intelligent life."[3]

"You do not want to become too technologically advanced, or you will lose your self-sufficiency. Whatever technology is adequate to provide for your peoples to provide stability, security and to maintain freedom in your world, would be adequate if you can create it and sustain it."[4]

"You simply cannot afford war. It will cost you too much." ... "If people are losing their forms of self-sufficiency you cannot expect them to behave orderly or in a sensible or productive manner. This is the great risk." ... "It is in this new world you are entering, a world in decline, that wars of desperation will become increasingly possible and can only be thwarted and prevented by the wise and ethical maintenance of resources and distribution of resources." [5]


"The power and presence of Knowledge will be instrumental in guiding humanity towards maintaining its freedom and its self-sufficiency. It is the counterpoint to the greed, to the corruption, to the oppression and to the abuse that are so rampant throughout human societies and cultures."[6]

The Environment

"Humanity is heading towards resource depletion. What you need to understand is that every advanced nation in the universe is facing resource depletion. That is the threat that hangs over them. That is their condition. They have generated technological innovation to deal with this problem, but technology requires resources as well. To lose your self-sufficiency in this regard, you cast yourself into a very difficult set of circumstances where your life and your circumstances will be controlled by others—others who are providing you resources that you cannot provide yourself."[7]

"If you continue to violate the world—destroying its fundamental resources, using up its wealth, creating greater instability and conflict and driving the life-sustaining biological systems into instability—then others will feel compelled to intervene here to save this world for themselves. Indeed, this is what is happening today."[1]

"The human family to lose its self-sufficiency is the greatest disadvantage that you could create for yourself—even beyond the specter of human suffering, conflict and war. This would be your greatest disadvantage, for the world could be overtaken without firing a shot." ... "That is why the environment is the most important thing—more important than personal wealth, more important than national military strength, more important than any country’s national security. For the greater emphasis here is the world’s security."[8]

In the Greater Community

"Self-sufficiency or lack of self-sufficiency will make all the difference in determining whether humanity will be free and self-determined within this greater arena."[9]

"You are entering a difficult new environment. Your world is very valuable to others. You will need to protect it. You will need to preserve your resources so that you do not require or depend upon trade with other nations for the fundamental necessities of your life. If you do not preserve your resources, you will have to relinquish much of your freedom and self-sufficiency."[10]

"If a nation loses its self-sufficiency and must seek abroad for its basic requirements, such as biological resources, basic technology, food and essential medicines, it will be very difficult for that nation to remain independent and self-determined. It will have to yield to the terms that are provided, and this can be a very difficult situation."[11]

"If your peoples agree to live simply, to share resources and to limit your population through ethical means, then you will be able to establish a greater stability and self-sufficiency. Then the greater powers in your region will not look upon you with the same desire for intervention, but will have to respect you as a united people who cannot be conquered by the use of subtle forces."[12]

Behavior of Free Nations

"A free nation will seek to remain isolated in the universe and to support its self-sufficiency. A nation that is not free will seek whatever wealth and power it can gain from others and thus become intertwined with the intentions and the compromises wrought with other nations."[13]

"The more self-sufficient a world can become and the more that it can sustain this self-sufficiency, the stronger and the more independent it will be by nature in the Universe."[14]

"Within free nations in the universe, and particularly in large inhabited areas such as the region in which your world exists, great effort is made to sustain self-sufficiency or to participate with one or two other free nations to create a network of support. Here trade is carried on within this network almost exclusively. This is done to preserve a free nation’s self-determination and sovereignty and to limit access to other powers who would seek to gain trade and influence within that nation."[11]

"The wise have learned that all nations require resources and must either build their own self-sufficiency and trade amongst very trusted partners or take the great and unfortunate risk of becoming involved in larger networks of trade and resource acquisition—larger networks which will always compromise their integrity and self-determination."[15]


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