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"In understanding that all races must seek resources, you can begin to understand why anyone would come to your world." [1]


"Look at the way you live and the way you travel and see how you can conserve resources. This will be necessary not only to make a small but important contribution to the world, but also to give you greater stability in the future when essential resources will become more scarce and more expensive. Do not think if you are a great consumer of energy and resources that you can promote peace in the world, for over-consumption of resources is really the engine of war." [2]

"Never think that you can go into the Greater Community and take whatever you want from it. For the Greater Community in which you live, and which you will face, is owned by others who are far more powerful than you." [3]

Quotes about technology and resources


"Resource acquisition is a problem for all advancing nations. Technology requires resources. The greater the technology, the greater the resources that are required." [1]

"Technology alone will not be an answer. There must be human recognition, courage and unity. Technology will only be a tool to help you, but without this recognition, this courage and this unity, technology will only hasten your demise." [4]

"Here advanced technology makes you even more vulnerable to foreign persuasion and control. If you need rare elements that can only be found in remote regions or which are only possessed by certain races, then you must accommodate their needs, demands and preferences in order to be privileged to receive such resources. The competition for these resources would be intense." [3]

Quotes about resources beyond our world

"The idea that humanity will go out and search an empty universe for resources is completely false and really represents a very dangerous and even fatal assumption." [1]

"If you must go beyond your world to seek the resources you need to live, then you will lose much of your power to others."[5]

"Beyond the solar system in which your world exists resources are owned by others. You cannot claim them for yourself. And if you think you can win such a contest, you are gravely mistaken."[6]

"People think the universe is just a huge empty place awaiting exploration, containing new worlds with vast resources—there for the taking. But you would not have to travel far beyond this solar system to discover that other places of value are already owned by others and that long-standing rules of engagement have been established as to who can visit these places and who has priority over them." [7]

Greater Community perspective on resources

"In the Greater Community, you are dealing with an adult environment where the need for resources is ever present and is extremely pressing." [1]

"Trade and competition for resources, for alliances and for worlds that have strategic value, are considerable." [8]

"The need for resources is experienced everywhere, and many technological societies have outstripped their world’s natural resources and must trade, barter and travel to gain what they need. It is a very complicated situation. Many alliances are formed and conflicts do occur." [9]

"A highly advanced technological society would fail quickly without constant inputs of technology and resources." [10]

"Many races who are now involved in intergalactic travel exhausted their world's resources long ago. In some cases, they have compromised the productivity of other worlds." [11]

"There are many worlds that have been stripped of their natural resources and have become barren as a result. Certainly, terrestrial worlds such as yours are rare, maybe one out of five or six thousand planets contain the biological diversity that you enjoy and take for granted here in your world. That still accounts for many planets in the universe. But such planets are always occupied, are always valued and the native races always have to defend their rights, their privileges and their stewardship as they begin to emerge into the Greater Community."[12]


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