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"You must forego the idea of perfection and mastery, for those are obsessions. Those are ideas in the mind. If you are truly responding to the power and presence of Knowledge within you, then you will realize you must forego these things. You do not know what mastery is. You do not know what perfection is. These things must be shown to you over time."[1]


No masters living in the world

"Your need to receive is great indeed. Accept your present limits. They are temporary, but you must work with them if you are to progress. Potentiality is not accomplishment. You are not masters. There are no masters living in this world, for mastery exists beyond this world."[2]

"There are no Masters living in the world, for Mastery is attained beyond the world. There are advanced students. There are students of great accomplishment. But there are no Masters living in the world. Perfection is not found here, only contribution. Whoever remains in the world remains to learn the lessons of the world. The lessons of the world must be learned not only in your individual life, but in a life of contribution as well. Your genuine education far exceeds what you have realized thus far. It is not merely the correction of errors. It is the contribution of gifts." [3]

"There are no masters in the world. The world is not the environment for mastery. Perhaps this idea comes as a shock, but if you consider it honestly, you will see it with a great relief. The world is but a limited arena in which to experience life. There are greater arenas beyond the world in the Greater Community. You may become a proficient learner here, and you may become an advancing student of Knowledge, and this represents a very great accomplishment, we assure you. But do not call yourself a master because life is the master. Knowledge is the master. And the ability of Knowledge and the depth of Knowledge will always exceed your understanding." [4]


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