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"The miracle of the New Message is the miracle of all the Revelations. It is the miracle of personal revelation. It is the miracle of personal redemption. It is the miracle of personal and individual responsibility and contribution to society and to others. It is the miracle of giving. It is the miracle of forgiveness. It is the miracle of resonating with another at a deeper level, beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect. It is the miracle of your true reality expressing itself in a difficult and temporary world." [1]

"The miracle will be in your response." [2]

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The miracle of existence

"The inability to marvel at your own life and circumstances represents a cruel effect of not being connected to the deeper current of your life, of not experiencing the miracle that you are not only alive but that you are here for a greater purpose, that you have a life beyond this world, a life from which you have come and to which you will return and that you have not come into this world empty handed, but were indeed sent here for a purpose that you have yet to discover." [3]

"Go into your bathroom and look at your medications and see what a miracle it is that they can exist, for many people in the world do not have access to these things. Look out upon your street. It is a miracle you even have a street or streetlights or a sidewalk and all the services that your city provides for you. How would you be if you did not have these things? Do not assume that you will always have these things, for the Great Waves of life are coming to the world and will deprive many people of many things."[3]

The miracle of accomplishment

"It is a miracle to meet the right person at the right time." [4]

"As you expand your awareness and your understanding, you gain a greater comprehension of the Divine and the miracle of Creation and the even greater miracle of redemption." [5]

"Whenever and wherever true marriage has been established, a great blessing has occurred in the world, a miracle has been demonstrated. Two or more people have transcended their limits. These alliances, as rare as they may be, are truly beneficial and have great foundation. They are what has kept Knowledge alive in the world. They are what keep humanity advancing."[6]

Human expectation

"People become helpless, and then they want miracles from God because they have no strength."[7]

"God of the Greater Community is not in the business of managing everyone’s personal life or arranging everyone’s personal experience or creating miracles for everyone."[8]

"God is not going to take care of you, but God will guide you to take care of yourself and other people. God is not going to give you endless miracles to pad and secure your way." [7]

Passivity in the face of necessity

“Do not depend upon miracles, for that means you are not utilizing your own strength and power effectively.”[9]

"If you become aware of great change and do nothing, your anxiety will increase and so will your sense of powerlessness. You will be held in place, hoping that someone will take care of these problems, hoping for a miracle from God because if awareness does not lead to action, it leads to a sense of powerlessness and depression. If the people standing on the beach waiting for the great waves to come think to themselves, 'Maybe I should get to higher ground?' and they do not move, they are lost."[10]

“People are impatient. They want results today. That is why they want miracles. Miracles are like having something for nothing. They do not want to do the work. They do not want to build their inner sanctuary. They do not want to cultivate their minds. They do not want to learn the skill of silence and stillness. They do not want to take the time to develop real discernment and clarity. They just want the miracle. It is very lazy, you see, to want such things. It is like getting the reward without doing any of the work. It is like telling your farm to just grow all the food for you while you take a vacation. Or telling your shop or your industry to produce the goods without you having to work at it. So that is not the way.” [11]

Praying for a miracle

"You may ask God for miracles. You may ask God to save you on your sinking ship. You may pray for all number of things. But if you cannot respond to what God has given you, then really your prayers and your invocations are dishonest. They are born of ignorance, arrogance and foolishness. God will not punish you, but you will place yourself in harm’s way, and you will face an ever-diminishing set of options and opportunities." [12]

"What difference does it make to pray to God and ask for miracles if you cannot even respond to the wisdom and the guidance that God has already placed within you? It is like asking for something small and missing something great."[11]

"People approach spirituality often because they are looking for a greater welfare system to protect them, to provide for them, to bless them and to give them miracles. Yet blessings and miracles exist for those who can give themselves to the world and who can bring Knowledge into the world. Miracles and blessings are evident and present for those who can build a foundation for Knowledge so that Knowledge can rest upon their shoulders, so that they can bear the burden and the grace of Knowledge." [13]

Expect a miracle

"People often think of God as a giant welfare system—spiritual welfare! You just sign up and then you collect your checks, and you receive your dispensations, and you are given your gifts and your miracles. You just have to believe in the system. Then God will come and serve you and do all these little things for you, as if God had nothing better to do in the universe than to cater to your wishes! Only a pathetic God would be so involved!"[14]

"People have great expectations of God once they accept that God is a reality. They expect God to solve their personal problems, to save them from their own calamities, to restore their loved ones when they are sick, to prevent death and difficulty for those whom they love, to bring about peace and equanimity amongst warring tribes, to effect sweeping change without upsetting anyone’s concerns or priorities and to bring about miracles great and small, yet in such a way that no one is offended, no one is challenged and no one has to change." [15]

"People expect great things of the Divine—miracles, tremendous compassion and forgiveness—but they do not want any interference."[15]

Demanding a sign

“People want demonstrations. They want miracles because they are not having the experience. This is all the striving of the mind—the surface mind, the worldly mind—the surface mind, the worldly mind. 'Prove to me that God is real! Give me a miracle! Give me what I want! Solve my problems!'”[16]

"There are those who will reject the Messenger because he does not bring them gifts and miracles and relieve them from all of their difficulties-promising ecstasy, bliss and paradise in the future." [17]

"Success holds greater difficulty for the Messenger, for with success comes recognition, and with recognition comes misfortune. With recognition comes acceptance that is not true-people rushing to meet the Messenger, but for all the wrong reasons, wanting special favors, wanting miracles, wanting special dispensations, wanting to be with the Messenger, to be part of his special entourage, to travel with him and be his companion and to claim all of the significance and recognition for this." [17]

"People will consider the Messenger and think he must be powerful and produce miracles. He must be able to be flawless—without sin, without stain, without error, loving and compassionate to everyone all the time. Yet the real Messenger is a human being—fallible, prone to error—and yet strong, committed and dedicated." [18]

The miracle of revelation

“This is God’s calling to you. This is the miracle. This will not just give you a fish for the day. It will teach you to fish forever. It will give you a new life. It will give you a new direction and a new inspiration. This is what God offers. People want other things. This is what God offers.”[11]

"The real miracle is the miracle of revelation within the individual, the connection between the individual and the Source of all life. Everything else is conjecture and phenomenon." [19]

Distortion regarding miracles in the transmission of Revelation

The Messenger "is not going to produce miracles for the masses because none of the Messengers have ever really done that." [20]

"So much of what people believe in is purely a human creation—the stories, the miracles, the tradition of stories and miracles—human creation." [5]

"The process of Revelation is so very different from the stories and the fantasies and the miracles that people ascribe to such events, such seminal events in human history that have been glorified and escalated way out of the ordinary to try to give greater prominence and significance to the teachings that emerged from such a great event. But these great events all have humble beginnings. They are not grand and sensational. They are not filled with miracles and extraordinary events where everyone stands in awe. That is the difference between reality and human invention." [20]

"What more does God have to do for you? If you cannot receive the Revelation, what can God do for you? God has given an answer to the whole world and to you individually—to your faith, to your tradition, to your religion, to your culture and to your nation. Do you want favors? Do you want dispensations? Do you want to be relieved of the difficulties of life? Do you want to be pampered? Do you want miracles at every turn? Do you want to be on some kind of welfare to Heaven, as if you were helpless and impotent in the world?" [20]

"For the experience and practice of spirituality to be shared in the universe, it must be translatable. To be translatable, it must be without adornments, without being encrusted with history and personalities, magic and miracles." [8]

Truly extraordinary intervention

"The miracle of the Covenant, God’s Sacred Covenant, is that each person’s purpose and destiny emanate from it."[21]

”The emergence of Knowledge within you will be the real miracle of your life and the saving grace of your life, and ultimately it will be the means through which you can provide for the real needs of humanity—at whatever level you are destined to serve here. It will be your joy and your fulfillment that you could give in this way, a joy and fulfillment that cannot be satisfied in any other way.”[22]

"The miracle of" [the Messengers'] "work is the miracle of their acceptance and their willingness to follow a pattern and a pathway not of their own making or their own design, to venture forth without a grand scheme or plan, without knowing all the steps and what they would require, what must be developed within them, what must be released and what it would require of those who were called to assist them and follow them." [17]

Cunning Displays

"A Greater Community presence can perform seeming miracles for you. They can do things that seem magical and inexplicable, and many people will fall down in belief and adoration because of this."[23]


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