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"Community is an essential foundation for true personal development and a perfect environment for complete contribution." [1]

"In contrast to the ideals and beliefs of cultures and societies here in the world, it must become a tacit understanding that you need others to help you, not only to do things but to learn things and to realize things as well." [2]

The Importance of Relationships

"Do not think that you can embrace the Divine and become one with all life if you cannot even establish a meaningful and working relationship with one other." [2]

"Alone you can do nothing. Nothing has ever been accomplished alone, even in your world. Nothing has ever been created alone, even in your mind. There is no credit to be received by doing something alone. Everything is a joint effort. Everything is the product of relationship." [3]

The Beginning of Community

"In a formal community of Knowledge, one person is the initiator. One person is the seed person. He or she is the seed because they are experiencing union with the Divine, and this union must find expression in the framework of human relationships. The seed person must join fully with another in order to initiate true spiritual community. They must bond completely. This is the beginning of community. A community starts with two, but it is seeded by one person." [2]

"True community begins because an individual is experiencing Spiritual Presence to a very great degree. They are being called by something; something inside of them is calling them. If they can open themselves to this and follow its direction, then other people will be drawn to them, and they will be the seed for community." [1]

"The reason that certain individuals are the seed of community is that they are experiencing community within themselves. Their body is no longer a hiding place for one being. It is a meeting ground now. Something is happening. The body is not a sanctuary for one; it is a temple for many. We call this community Spiritual Family." [1]


"Community must be small because it is extremely intimate, but it will be life giving to the community at large, which is society. It is these little embers that keep the fire going." [1]

“Your numbers are small and you will feel isolated in the world. Again and again, you will look to each other and you will think, “You are all that I have.” It is correct that this should be so, for where this awareness emerges, true devotion will follow.” [4]

"A community of Knowledge is based on devotion and dedication." [2]

"A community of Knowledge is based upon recognition, affinity and shared activity in the world. It is distinct from all the other communities in the world that you see. In a community of Knowledge, people are together because they know they must be together, and they are willing to face the difficulties of being together and the difficulties of their life together because they have this inner certainty." [2]

Community & Reclamation of Knowledge

"To get up this mountain—particularly as you reach its steeper places—you will need a great companionship." [5]

"Therefore, we emphasize the value of your relationships to you who now seek to reclaim Knowledge. These relationships must be imbued with the Knowledge that you are reclaiming. Then they will have the stability, the efficacy and the grace that Knowledge contains for you. For only relationships based upon Knowledge can carry the Wisdom that Knowledge will exert within the world." [6]

"You will need a community of Knowledge because you cannot learn Knowledge alone. Even if you are experiencing something and feel very certain about it, how will you be able to tell if it is real?" ... "Only the confirmation of another, a genuine confirmation, can substantiate the experience of Knowledge within yourself." [2]

"It is when people are brought together to serve something greater that requires things of them, things that they want to give and things they are not sure they want to give, that real progress is made in the Way of Knowledge. Knowledge deals with what is needed and what is necessary, not what is preferred, wished or debated." [4]

The Power of Group Mind

"The power of the mind is amplified when two or more people are focused on the same thing, particularly if they are engaged at the level of Knowledge. This has a potency that is greater than what one individual alone can produce and has a greater impact on the mental environment, which means that a group mind can affect other minds if the group is sufficiently focused." [7]

"Only a man or woman who is strong in the Way of Knowledge can withstand a Group Mind focus, but even they will have to have strong allies to assist them." [7]

As A Means Of Contribution

"Community is an essential foundation for true personal development and a perfect environment for complete contribution." [1]

"Greater things are possible given true determination, true companionship and a worthy goal." [8]

"This person, and the few individuals that you may have the great fortune to find in life, will constitute your community, and your community will come together to build a foundation for Knowledge and eventually to participate together in giving and receiving the gifts of Knowledge that can be placed upon this foundation." [2]


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