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"Devotion is seen as a sign of weakness in a society that worships heroes and heroines." [1]

"Your devotion to each other will be the highest expression of your love, for devotion is inherent in Knowledge." [1]


"I tell you, you will not know God until you are devoted. Devotion is a giving of heart that is spontaneous. It is not something you have to try to do. If it is happening in any realm for you, and it is true and gives you vitality, then please, let this express itself."[2]

"Devotion is something you should not judge from the outside. It is like the Kingdom of God in the world. You are either inside or outside the gates. That is all. Things look very different on the outside. From there, the people on the inside look like they are giving things up all the time. It is such a different emphasis. On the inside you keep wanting to give your life all the time because you get it back more powerfully. You do not want to keep anything for yourself because it simply becomes a detriment." [2]


“Here learning discernment is very important. Do not attempt devotion and commitment until Knowledge directs it, or you will become dishonest.” [3]


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