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Inspiration is "born of Knowledge, realized through genuine decision making and real living, shared through meaningful relationships and passed on through contribution to those who need it everywhere." [1]

"Inspiration is a reminder. It is a reinforcement. It is a remembrance. It represents that greater truth of your life that is calling you to recognize it, to accept it and to embrace it." [1]

Religious Inspiration

"The Way of Knowledge, which is at the heart of all the world’s religions, must become its essential teaching, instead of a focus for clerics and monastics and exceptional individuals only. This is the challenge before you, or religion will be part of the problem for humanity and not its essential means of reconciliation, inspiration and a high ethical awareness. Let this be your understanding.” [2]

"When people say, 'The last thing the world needs is a new religion!' you may say, 'What the world needs is a New Revelation, a clarification, a pure message unclouded by human interpretation and human error. Humanity needs a greater inspiration and a greater strength, and that is why the New Message is here.'" [3]

Inspiring Others

"You have the possibility of becoming a messenger of inspiration. This does not mean that you simply say positive things, share exciting or uplifting ideas or promote great ideals for humanity. No, it is not this. It is that the presence of Spirit is with you, and it is regenerated through your wise decision making and through your selfless activity. Here Knowledge can speak through you, act through you and make a demonstration in the world through you." [1]

"You know, many people want to go out and share everything they learn as soon as they learn it. The problem is that they have not really learned it, and so they cannot demonstrate it. If you want to inspire others, if you want to show them something that has really been effective in your life, then you yourself must demonstrate it. This demonstration is far more powerful and effective than any words that you could say or any illustrations that you could create." [4]

"Before you can change the world, you must change yourself. Before you can bring something greater to others, you must receive something greater yourself. Your ideas, your protests and your anger only add to the ideas and the protests and the anger of the world around you until there is a greater inspiration within you." [5]

"Inspiration is a natural by-product of selfless activity. It affects other minds. It leaves its impressions and has its impact. You need to receive this inspiration at the outset, and later you will need to give it to reinforce its reality." [1]

"Only a very advanced practitioner in The Way of Knowledge can inspire those who do not feel the call of Knowledge. Only the very advanced can be initiators in this regard, and even here there can be no personal ambition on their part. You must let the Greater Power work through you rather than attempting to use it for your own personal gain or self-validation." [1]

The Inspired Life

"Students of Knowledge who are in the process of reclaiming Knowledge realize over time that it is the only thing of value because it is the source of their true relationships. It is their source of inspiration and the source of their sense of purpose, direction and well-being. It is a gift that gives continuously." [6]

"You cannot put a new life on top of an old life. You have to dismantle the old life to a very great degree to be able to build something else in its place. And this takes a great effort and great courage. You have to break your identification with your behaviors, with your ideas, and with your history; that takes great courage and effort. Knowledge will give you the power to do this and the inspiration to do this." [7]

"People who are inspired are not thwarted by unhappy appearances around them. They can function anywhere to some degree, if they have adequate support from other people and if they continue to nourish their awareness and experience of Knowledge. Then, as they become stronger, they can take Knowledge where Knowledge seems to be lost, and they can contribute to people who are without Knowledge and are lost." [8]

"Inspiration is something that you must generate within yourself. You must also seek it in your environment and in your relationships. To seek it in the environment, you must direct yourself to those individuals, to those events, even to those historical accounts, that reinforce your conviction and commitment and remind you that greater things are possible given true determination, true companionship and a worthy goal." [1]

The Uninspired Life

"People want to retire into kind of a listless happiness, without a care, but when you see this, it is pathetic. It is sad. There is no intelligence. There is no inspiration. There is no honesty. There is no true connection with others. There is no service and contribution. They have cast themselves out of the meaning of life in their life of constant repose." [9]

"Depression, cynicism, ambivalence—these are all the result of not taking action around things that one recognizes to be important. The awareness was not fulfilled, and, as a result, it becomes dark. It becomes clouded, and the inspiration is lost.” [10]

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