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"Time is short for the world. There is no time to spend decades and centuries perfecting yourself or trying to work out your dilemmas. The Calling is for now. The hour is late." [1]


"Your purpose is to discover your Knowledge, follow Knowledge and let Knowledge shape and redirect your life. Your Calling is what Knowledge asks you specifically to do once you are ready to move in a specific direction. It is here that your relationships must become connected to your Calling, and not just to your Purpose. In essence all relationships can serve your Purpose if understood correctly. But only a few are connected to your real Calling. If the New Message from God is your calling then all your core relationships will need to be connected to that." [2]

The calling of God within you

"The power, the draw and the calling of God are within you, deep beneath the surface of your mind. With this is the memory of the greater purpose that you are born with, which is not a purpose for Separation, but a purpose for contribution, which has the power to undo your Separation and to liberate you from it, thus returning to you the strength, the confidence and the reality that you are not alone. You are in the world for a purpose now, not your purpose, but a purpose that was given to you before you came, a purpose that is related to these times and to the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world." [3]

The calling for a New Revelation

"Because so few people in the world are aware of these great challenges and are aware of the real nature of their spirituality and spiritual Intelligence, there is a great Calling for God to give a New Revelation, a Revelation unlike anything God has ever sent into the world before."[4]

"Do not be worried if this is different from your religious tradition because this is the heart and soul of all religious traditions. But even if you were raised in another tradition, if the New Message is your calling, it is your calling. There is none other. You cannot invent your calling if it is to be genuine and authentic. It is your calling." [5]

"God is calling you through the New Message that God has sent into the world. A message that is unlike anything that has ever been given to humanity before, to prepare humanity for a future that will be unlike anything the human family as a whole has ever had to face." [6]

Responding to the calling

"Within your restlessness and your discontent, you are responding to this calling. Within your anxiety and your vain attempt to bring happiness into your life, you will feel this calling. It is not a calling that you will experience in your thoughts as much as in your heart and throughout your being. You will feel that you need to be somewhere, to do something, to meet someone." [7]

"Who can respond to a calling like this? Who can face the demands and the requirements of living a life of Knowledge? If most people knew what they were facing at the outset, they would say, “Oh, I am not up for this.” But they are. They need it. It is absolutely the perfect thing that will reveal their strength by calling upon their strength. It will reveal their dedication by calling upon their dedication. It will reveal their self-trust by calling upon their self-trust. It will reveal their ability to participate effectively with others by calling upon this ability. Only a method that calls upon the Greater Power within you will restore this power to you." [8]

"Be satisfied that you can feel our presence, for greater than words it is. Your heart will answer us. It knows the language that we speak, the mission that we share with you. For the heart is not blind and responds only to this one calling."[9]

"There is no escaping this great time, this great turning point. There is no more losing yourself in your fantasies and your individual passions. For if you enter this great time—this great threshold, this time of Revelation—blind and self-obsessed, you will not be able to see, to know and to prepare. You may pray to God for deliverance. You may pray to God for the Blessing. But the Blessing and the deliverance have already been placed within you—within Knowledge within you, awaiting the time when you would have the maturity and the understanding that such a power within you must be called upon, must be followed and must be honored above all else. For this is your relationship with God, and the urgency you feel within yourself is the Calling of God—the Calling to awaken, to become aware and to respond." [10]

"You have come to serve the world at a very great turning point, perhaps the greatest turning point that any race can face. You have come for this. So do not take forever to come to terms with your deeper inclinations. We call for a greater honesty within you, an honesty that responds to Knowledge and is not governed or controlled by your will or your ambitions. Then the time it takes to come to terms with what you really know and what is really genuine in your life can be effectively shortened, which saves you time, energy and a great deal of suffering." [11]

"For the calling here is to serve the world, not merely to enlighten yourself, not merely to put yourself in a position of extreme happiness and contentment."[12]

The preparation

"To respond to a calling and to actually be able to take on the calling itself are two different things. They represent two different stages in your overall development. You are responding, but that does not mean that you are fully capable. The Creator's Plan is not only to give you greater work in the world, which was given to you before you even came here. The Plan calls for your preparation and the preparation of those who will be essential in your future endeavors. The preparation takes a lot longer than the greater activity at which it is aimed. Consider examples in the world. How long does it take to prepare a great musician or a great athlete or a great statesman? How long does it take to prepare a person to do something important in the world which entails a great deal of responsibility?" [11]

"There are many people in the world today who know they must prepare for something, who feel called to a greater participation, who have a sense that their life is more important than the mundane activities of the day. Some will not find their way in the religious traditions of the world because they are being prepared and called for something new in the world. They are more connected to the future than the past, and the future is calling them and pulling them forward." [13]

"If you are going to find your calling in life, you must put that in the highest priority. If your purpose for coming here requires this, then it is the greatest value. Fulfilling your social obligations or your biological urges are not as important as this, my God, for we are speaking of the need of the soul. It is the need of the soul to find its purpose and fulfill it in the world, within the circumstances of the world. This is what reestablishes your divine nature. This is what fulfills your commitment to God. This is what ends conflict within you. This is where your true nature becomes integrated. This is where your body serves your mind and your mind serves your Spirit, as they were designed to do. This is where your life comes together. This is where you assume greater responsibilities. This is what satisfies the need of the soul." [14]

"This is how a new fabric of unity is established. The great tapestry of life is woven strand by strand, person by person. Do not think another will do this for you. Do not think such great things are only left up to people who are great, who are heroes or heroines, for this is your responsibility. This is your calling—not to gain spiritual immunity, not to become all knowing or all powerful, but to join your mind with other minds in Knowledge, to become stronger than you are or ever could be as an individual. The Greater Community is made up of communities. That which is powerful in the Greater Community is communities. Your mind alone, no matter how developed, cannot contend with a community mind. That is why we teach the Four Pillars of life, so that you have the basis for learning how to join with others—genuinely, truthfully, honestly, effectively. We do not send you off on your solo pursuit for spiritual enlightenment. We bring you into the world and teach you how to engage with others and join with others to bear fruit here within the world." [15]


"This is a calling. Our words are a calling. Do not deny yourself by denying these words. Do not deny your greater need by denying the calling of life. This is for you. Regardless of what you have done in the past, this calling is now. This is your moment and your opportunity. Do not take it lightly or casually. Search your heart not your mind for the appropriate response. There are no heroes here. There is no one to worship. There is a foundation to be built. There is work to be done. There is a preparation to undergo. And there is a world to serve." [15]

"Time is of the essence now. Time wisely applied and time wasted will have an ever-greatening impact upon your experience and your ability to function in a Great Waves reality. Before the world enters a greater travail, you have time to prepare, but not much time. You have no time to waste. You have no time to be spent in ambivalence or deception or avoidance. There is no time for these things now. Time is critically important for you. It cannot be wasted on trivial things, on meaningless things, on relationships that have no destiny and no real stability, on pursuits that will prove to be meaningless and that are meaningless already." [16]


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