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"Determination must arise out of a sense of a greater purpose in life, a purpose that is stronger, more persistent and more life generating than all of the other factors in your life that would seek to weaken you and to undermine this incentive." [1]

"It is only the presence of Grace and the activity of Knowledge that can give others a greater experience and perception of their lives and a greater determination within themselves." [2]

Spiritual Practice

Persistence on The Way of Knowledge

"The Way of Knowledge is not a beach. It is not a refuge. It is work. It is choosing a direction to which you apply yourself with determination. In this, you become aware of what you need to work on in your life, and you begin to work on these things." [3]

"Inspiration is something that you must generate within yourself. You must also seek it in your environment and in your relationships. To seek it in the environment, you must direct yourself to those individuals, to those events, even to those historical accounts, that reinforce your conviction and commitment and remind you that greater things are possible given true determination, true companionship and a worthy goal." [4]

"You are going to climb a great mountain.This requires equipment and preparation. This requires planning and determination." [4]

"Concentration is something that everyone who approaches Knowledge must develop because it takes strength of mind and conviction, focus and determination to pass through the thresholds on the way to Knowledge." [5]

"To successfully follow Steps to Knowledge, follow it as it is given and learn how to work with it as you go along.The preparation does not demand perfection or absolute success. It requires perseverance and determination." [5]

"Some things will require great determination, but only for a short time. Other things will require great determination on an ongoing basis." [6]

"As your sense of commitment and determination is set free from your personal ambitions and need for self-importance, then your commitment and determination will have a strength that will abide with you and that you can rely upon as a foundation for living and progressing in life. All of this is possible for you if you will persevere. You will reach your destination if you keep going. If you allow the journey to be what it is instead of trying to determine what it must be, then you will not lose your way in life." [6]

"In following Steps to Knowledge, you develop a consistency, perseverance and inner determination that are not dominated by your emotional states." [7]

"The development of self-discipline and the ability to exercise restraint wisely represent growing achievements in The Way of Knowledge. Instead of being driven by passions and desires, compulsions and needs, you begin to function outside of them more and more as you enter into the depth of your own reality. This represents freedom, power and self-determination." [7]

Follow what you know.jpg

"Every student needs a teacher. Every traveler needs a guide. Every explorer needs a map. You have all of these now. Take heart. Now you must find the courage and the determination to proceed. Do not become fixated on the great spiritual assistance that you have. Rather, become focused on solving problems today and tomorrow and the day after. Solve a little problem today and you will be able to solve a greater one tomorrow. Start with little things. Attend to the practical matters in your life. Bring your life into greater harmony. Do not try to make everything beautiful, quiet and peaceful. This is not what we mean. What we mean is bringing things into right order." [8]

"This is a period of transition, which will be difficult and turbulent. Its opportunities and demands will be tremendous. Its risk of failure will be substantial. It is not a time for the faint of heart or for the weak minded. It is not a time for the ambivalent or the self-indulgent. It is a time for great strength and dedication. Knowledge within you will give you this strength and determination as you become a student of Knowledge, as you advance in The Way of Knowledge and as you take the steps to Knowledge. This is because you are needed for something great in this life." [9]

"You will not have great realizations every moment. You will not have wonderful experiences every moment. You will not feel confident and self-assured every moment. In fact, there may be great gaps between these experiences. Here you must rely upon your determination and perseverance. Here you must cultivate a greater perspective and understanding that transcends your immediate sensations, emotions and experiences." [10]

"To be lifted out of [the maze of your own thoughts] requires preparation, and it requires you to follow this preparation because you yourself must climb out. In this, you will regain your strength, your determination, your perseverance and your true will born of Knowledge." [2]

"Do not think that if the journey is meant for you, it will be easy and you will not have times of great conflict. Do not think that if this is meant for you, you will be able to pass through the thresholds without great effort and determination." [6]

Competition and determination

"Competition can engender creativity, responsibility, resourcefulness and self-determination." [11]

"The problems within your world are now too great to solve in easy or convenient ways. They require greater concentration, greater activity and more determination than most people are capable of giving or willing to give at this time." [5]

"You will need to exercise concentration and determination. Stronger companions will make you stronger. Weaker companions will make you weaker. The choice is yours. Choose well." [5]

"A strong mind will always influence a weaker mind. A strong mind can to a certain degree control a weaker mind. This happens even if the stronger person is not trying to cast an influence or persuade anyone to do anything. The fact that his or her mind is more concentrated and less conflicted, with greater intention and self-determination, will have an impact upon other minds that are less focused and less concentrated." [11]

"Great things are never achieved because people want them. Great things are achieved because people need them. Want and need are very different. There is not enough power, dedication, determination and perseverance in wanting something. There must be a need within you—something you must do, something you must have, something you must accomplish. It is this greater incentive that gives you true power and ability and keeps you on track regardless of the circumstances or situations that you might encounter. [12]

"Your visitors are not more advanced in Knowledge than you are although they hold far greater capabilities technologically and possess a greater social cohesion and determination than exist in the world at this time." [12]


"Your gift has its own destined recipients. You cannot change this. But you can determine whether your gift can be given or not. You can determine how long it will take to give your gift. You can determine the outcome. But the final outcome is beyond your determination, for this is part of a Greater Plan. It is a Plan that does not predetermine all activities and events in life but instead sets a direction for all life and for the evolution of life." [13]

"The world’s destiny is to emerge into the Greater Community. This is where it is heading. It is going in this direction no matter what human society is doing. It must go in this direction. This represents the next stage of your life in the world. It is inevitable and unalterable. That is why we speak of it in terms of destiny instead of in terms of human will and human determination." [9]

Determination as choice

"Every determination that you make that is in keeping with the greater truth within you will give you a greater experience of this truth and a greater sense of its presence and activity in your life and in the world around you."/ [2]

"To go from a fixed human viewpoint to a Greater Community perspective represents a tremendous expansion. It requires more effort,more consistency and more determination than meeting even the normal range of challenges. But people want great things. They want magnificent relationships, they want totally satisfying careers, they want Spiritual Wisdom and they want great inner certainty. We say it is very good to want those things, but what are you willing to give for them? You cannot bargain here. You don’t get the sale price.You don’t get Wisdom at one-half off. You don’t buy one and get one free. You have to give what is needed to give, however much that is. Knowledge and Wisdom do not come cheap. Though there is no price tag, they require a great and consistent self-application." [6]

"The greatest price of personal goals and acquisitions is that they disengage you from Knowledge within yourself. Here your preoccupations override your true determination, your true inclinations and your inner voice, which is speaking to you throughout the day to help guide and protect you and to counsel you in matters great and small." [14]

"Work is a combination of effort, direction and determination.... When you think of work, think of what you must do to maintain financial stability, to maintain your primary relationships which require time and effort, to maintain adequate health so that your body can serve you and to further your spiritual growth. All of these require work. They require effort, direction and determination. This does not leave a lot of time for confusion or ambivalence or wandering around aimlessly." [3]

"Do not think that you are always in the right place doing the right thing. If that were the case, your world would be very different from what it is today. You can miss great opportunities.They will not come again. Do not pacify yourself and think,“Well, I didn’t get it this time around. I’ll get it the next time around.” There may not be another time around. Don’t be casual about things that will determine your life. And do not think that Knowledge is guiding you yet. Do not think that Knowledge is determining everything you do, for you are not a master and you are not masterful. Do not take for granted things that require serious decisions and self-determination. Do not give yourself that escape or you will disable yourself from becoming potent and effective in life, and you will not realize your responsibilities." [6]


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