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Rent comes due

"Your failure in this life is the failure to respond to your spiritual nature." [1]

"All your failures are your own."[2]

"Any failure that engenders unforgiveness in you is your failure."[2]

Failure quotes

"Every failure started out as a good idea—something that would lead in a preferred direction, something that would further a personal cause. Let your failures in life, then, disillusion you and sober you, temper you and open your eyes. Accept your failures. Call them failures. They are failures. Let them renew you. Let them clear your vision. Let them free you from future failure. Let them give you discernment. Let them teach you discretion. Let them take you back to truth, which is what you needed to begin with." [3]

"Why take the easy and comfortable way? That only leads to a great failure at the end of your life, a failure that will cause you much distress and unhappiness throughout your life. There is no comfort in comfort. There is no escape in escape. There is no relief in passivity. There is no luxury in luxury. Unless you can fulfill your mission and purpose here, a misery will attend you that no amount of pleasure, luxury, avoidance, comfort or passivity can allay." [4]

"Failure of the personal side to guide and protect the Being is the beginning of the emergence of Knowledge. Knowledge begins with failure—failure to organize and direct your life, failure to constitute your relationships based upon your expectations and demands and failure to orchestrate the universe to accommodate your wishes. This failure is a great release from bondage." [5]


"You may ask, 'How can someone fail in learning The Way of Knowledge?' And I say: 'Seek out or protect an inappropriate relationship, and you will fail, and your failure will be a difficult learning process.'"[6]

"Many people are circumscribed by the relationships that they have established before they have reached a point in life where they could discover their greater purpose. As a result, they are trapped."[7]

Global crisis

TheGreatWavesOfChange Medallion.jpg

"For it is at this great turning point that humanity will choose success or failure in the face of immense difficulty in the world and in the face of opposing and competing forces from the Greater Community who seek to take advantage of a struggling and divided humanity." [8]

"You are part of a great transition. Your generation and the generations to come are part of the great transition from being an isolated and divisive race to becoming a unified race that is capable of interacting with the Greater Community. Even if the Greater Community were not present in the world today, your failure to take these steps would lead to the destruction of your environment and the loss of your opportunity to live in this world. Two great tragedies. The possibility for that failure now is great; the risks are high. [9]

"If you fail in this regard, you will fail even to meet your world's needs, and this will overtake you in time. You cannot afford this, and you know it." [10]

Failure to receive the New Message

"If humanity should fail to receive the great Revelation, then it will enter into a state of permanent decline—great conflict, great human suffering and loss. For you will not be prepared for this new world. You will not be prepared for what is coming even though the signs appear every day." [11]


"The one who is taking the real steps to Knowledge and is learning them correctly will pass you by. And you will become broken down by the side of the road, unable to participate and unable to move forward." [12]

Take the Steps


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