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Citizenship in the Greater Community


"You are a citizen of your world. From a Greater Community perspective, you are not an American or a Chinese. You are not an Indian or a Russian or a Polynesian. You are a citizen of one world. The differences that you hold among yourselves are meaningless, and they must be outgrown in order for you to advance. This is necessary. You must feel this and see this." [1]

"Move beyond tribal mentality. Become a citizen of the world. This is the promise, and this is the need for you now. In this, you have great support and true companions."[2]

"How can you blame the leaders when the population wants to be blind and foolish? And those who are not struggling to survive and hold onto what they have, they are lost in their hobbies, their interests, their romances, the self-obsession over their health, or furnishing their dwelling place, or whatever it might be. They do not see the next great wave of change that is coming, the next economic tsunami. No, they are living on the beach, listening to the radio, enjoying the warmth of the sun." [3]


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