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"Knowledge in you ignites Knowledge in others. Thus, the man or woman of Knowledge is the most potent force in the world." [1]

"Now, the man and woman of Knowledge are concerned with Knowledge, but they are also concerned with what Knowledge is directing them to do." [2]

"A man or woman of Knowledge is more powerful than the world,
for what can the world claim from them?" [3]

"We are giving you only part of the picture here. Your understanding must always be incomplete. As soon as you think it is complete, you have stopped learning. Do not try to be comfortable with a complete cosmology where nothing new can come in. Do not say, 'My theories now cover every gap.' The man or woman of Knowledge does not know what is going on! Jesus did not know what was going on! He did not know what was going to happen next. This probably concerned his personal side very much, at least at first. You do not need to know what is going to happen next; you simply need to know what you are doing now." [4]

"The man and woman of Knowledge choose to deal with what exists instead of denying what exists. They do this in order to maintain their self-determination." [5]

"The man and woman of Knowledge do not generate conflict but only find meaningful ways to work with conflict to support and to foster resolution in life." [5]


"You must become a person who is simple, direct, open and discerning— a man or woman of Knowledge."[6]

"Do not abdicate your own responsibilities even to help others. Fortify your responsibilities to become a man or a woman of Knowledge, and you will help everyone. Set the pace. Make the demonstration. Let your life be a vehicle for a Greater Reality to express itself through you, and your value to others will have no limit and will be incomparable." [7]


"The man or woman of Knowledge who has cultivated Knowledge is not concerned with what is non-essential.
Everything in life is very pronounced. It is very active. Even in meditation, things are very active.
These people live in a vibrant world, not a world of dull pain and weak hopes." [8]
"The man and woman of Knowledge do not need much from the world,
unless they have a very big role to play, and then they need things temporarily. It is all used to express something greater." [9]
"The man and woman of Knowledge are not preoccupied with what things look like.
They are only concerned with the task at hand." [10]
"The man and woman of Knowledge will go about their work regardless of circumstances,
and if the world in general is no better at the end of their life, what does it matter? They gave all." [3]
"The man or woman of Knowledge never has to be concerned about having a relationship
because people will want to be with them all the time.Their problem is discernment because a person of Knowledge is going somewhere, surrounded by people who are standing and waiting." [11]
"Survival is not the main concern for the man and woman of Knowledge.
They are in a position to contribute to life because they possess what life here does not have, and so they have a life that is not impoverished. They are individuals who are in a position to give meaning to the world. They are not grandiose, yet this meaning can flow from them." [12]
The man or woman of Knowledge does not
"need constant approval. They do not need to have others always speaking of their greatness and how wonderful they are. They do not need to have their specific abilities touted and celebrated. They do not need to be the center of attention." [13]


"If your life were not important, if you had not come from your Ancient Home bearing gifts, if the world did not need you and were not facing grave risks and dangers, then becoming a man or a woman of Knowledge would seem an option amongst many other options, and it would be valued only insofar as it could provide pleasure, comfort and reprieve."[14]

Following The Way of Knowledge

"If The Way of Knowledge were simple and easy, then everyone would learn it. But it is apparent that everyone does not learn it. In fact, it is rare that you will meet a man or woman of Knowledge in the world." [15]

"At first, you must develop an intellectual capacity for Knowledge and an openness to its reality. Then you can find the way to it by taking the Steps to Knowledge and by learning The Way of Knowledge. This will give you a foundation that will enable you to adapt to new situations as they occur. This will enable your mind to change, to renew itself and to regenerate its power in the ever increasing presence of new experiences, new sensations and new difficulties.

Only the man and woman of Knowledge will have this great adaptive capability. In essence, they will be bringing spirituality into the world constantly, without the great burden of past traditions, interpretations or ecclesiastical studies or practices. They will not be carrying the past with them, like a great weight upon their shoulders. They will be able to step into the future, and what they bring into the future will be immediate and necessary. This will give the greatest possibility for success." [16]

"If you seek to become a man or woman of Knowledge in order to become more magnificent, more powerful, more recognized or more beautiful—in other words, if you want to become a man or woman of Knowledge to assert your self-importance— then your learning process will be one of disappointment and disillusionment because you must be freed and separated from your incorrect thinking and your inappropriate motives." [17]

"People want great things. They want magnificent relationships, they want totally satisfying careers, they want Spiritual Wisdom and they want great inner certainty. We say it is very good to want those things, but what are you willing to give for them? You cannot bargain here. You don’t get the sale price. You don’t get Wisdom at one-half off. You don’t buy one and get one free. You have to give what is needed to give, however much that is. Knowledge and Wisdom do not come cheap. Though there is no price tag, they require a great and consistent self-application. You cannot go to a seminar and walk out a man or woman of Knowledge." [18]

"Knowledge takes you back to God while you are in the world, but it does so in a very specific way because its emphasis is practical, not magical. It is not about metaphysics, learning all about the sixteen million levels and the cosmology of all of the universes.That is for people who think and do nothing.The man and woman of Knowledge is not concerned with these things unless they have a specific relevance to their function in life, and even then they are a temporary expedient and nothing else." [19]

"It is an unfortunate tendency in your world that people tend to do things for themselves, on their own, at their own pace and in their own way. This is called 'personal freedom,' but it is really an exercise in futility because you cannot lead yourself into new territory. You cannot educate yourself. You cannot uplift yourself. You cannot prepare yourself. You cannot initiate yourself in anything beyond your past experience. To accomplish these, you will need Knowledge, which represents the Greater Power that lives within you and which represents your promise for redemption. You will also need strong individuals who can challenge you and require you to step beyond your former boundaries and assumptions. And lastly, you will need a preparation that you did not invent for yourself to prepare you for a future life of greater magnitude and dimensions beyond what you have known before.

The Greater Community Way of Knowledge provides the preparation and the foundation for genuine relationships. It produces a learning environment where you can grow and develop if you share it with others and if you apply its principles and its practices adequately and wisely. It will enable you to become a person with greater concentration. If your purpose is genuine and your motivations are born of Knowledge, then your concentration will be a great benefit for the world. During this preparation, you will have times when you will feel very alone, either because others are not with you or because others do not share your growing perception and understanding. But true companions will find you, will be with you and will strengthen you along the way.

To become a man or a woman of Knowledge requires this greater preparation, this greater concentration and this greater dedication. These requirements cannot be escaped. There are no shortcuts. There is no way around them. There are no deals that you can make with the Creator in order to get ahead of everyone else without having to take the journey yourself." [20]

"The way is given to you without hero worship because you must become a man or woman of Knowledge. You will need both those more advanced than you and those less advanced than you. Those more advanced pull you along, and you pull those along who are less advanced. In this way, everyone finds proper assistance. In this way, everyone is served. In this way, everything that the Unseen Ones give into the world can resonate through human relationships and reach many people in ways that can be understood, experienced and accepted." [21]


"The man and woman of Knowledge become more capable in the world and at the same time become more capable at experiencing and penetrating the Mystery and learning beyond current or acceptable boundaries of thought. They become more capable in practical matters and at the same time more pervasive in their perception and discernment. The Way of Knowledge takes you into the world and prepares you for the world, but it prepares you with a greater state of mind. It is not a form of escape. It does not enable you to escape the mundanities of life. Indeed, it is here to help you contribute to the mundanities of life, for you have come to the world for this purpose." [22]

"The man or woman of Knowledge is never alone.They have tremendous allies, both here and abroad. Their power comes from their relationship with life.They draw their energy from this. They seem unusual in their abilities because they are not alone and serve as a channel for this greater resource, vitality and direction." [23]

"The man and woman of Knowledge are not idols. They are people from different walks of life who have made a courageous and vital decision amidst often very difficult circumstances. Value their example and let their rewards be an encouragement for you that there is a greater purpose in life, a greater meaning for being here and a greater opportunity to give that which needs to be given." [17]

"The man and woman of Knowledge do not expect much from the world because they did not come here to take things. They came here to give things. They realize that the world is in profound distress and in profound misery, and so they do not require it to produce much. You do not walk into a hospital and say, 'OK. Everyone on their feet. Attention!'” [3]

"The man or woman of Knowledge must then become aware of the presence and power of evil and guard against this within their own lives. As a result, they may appear to be aloof and unloving, even unapproachable. This is merely an appearance, however, for they are preserving their life force, attempting to unite with those who can enhance it for the purpose of contribution. That is why advancing students of Knowledge must undergo a preparation that the average person would not consider and perhaps would not even see the value of undertaking. The student must become substantial and strong with Knowledge while learning to be objective and discerning with the world. This is particularly important in the area of relationships, where the most serious mistakes are made." [24]


"You will be far more aware as a man or woman of Knowledge. But this can lead to greater condemnation unless that awareness is tempered by a greater understanding." [25]

"As you learn how Knowledge functions, you are able to abide with it and to express it in the world. This is Wisdom. Wisdom is not having all the answers, like the wise man on top of the mountain. The man and woman of Knowledge at any moment may not have any answers for anyone, but they are having an experience that is beyond the seeming reach of everyone around them. Possessing Wisdom does not mean that you are happy all the time, for you will indeed experience the suffering of the world very sharply at times.

With Wisdom, you are always giving. You realize you do not understand how you give, although you do understand certain things you can do where giving can occur, and you will be inclined to do those things. But giving functions through you is a mystery and a gracious experience." [26]

"The man or woman of Knowledge is able to stop, look and listen. The man or woman of Knowledge is always listening when they are conversing with others, and they are always looking and listening when they are in new environments. They have learned to become sensitive when it is necessary and to withdraw their sensitivity when that is necessary because if you are too sensitive all the time, you will not be able to function in the abrasive interactions of the world."[27]

"The man and woman of Knowledge must develop, over time, great discernment and understanding. You cannot merely have a simplistic view of things. You must have a greater perspective to recognize what is true. Otherwise, you will simply attack, diminish or avoid that which is destructive in the world in order to feel secure." [5]

"Knowledge is able to respond in the moment. It is able to change the plan. It is able to redirect you if circumstances require it. That is why the man or woman of Knowledge must learn to live without a lot of personal definitions. 'Well, this is who I am and this is what I do and this is how I am and this is what I believe and this is my belief system and this is what I think the world means and life means and purpose means and love means and so forth.' People who are bound by all these definitions, well, they cannot move with life. They try to make life move according to their prescriptions, but they cannot move and flow with life. They are bound now by their own ideas and ideologies." [28]

"Lying to yourself and to other people does not produce a good result and makes you very vulnerable to very dangerous and dark forces in the world, forces of ignorance, forces of manipulation and control. The man or woman of Knowledge always will avoid these things, but they will always make sure they recognize what they are and how they manifest themselves. This brings us to a very important point here because in learning The Way of Knowledge you become fundamentally honest. You take life as it is. You face life as it is. You do not try to pretend. You do not say, 'Well, I will only experience this part of life and I will tune out everything else' or 'I will only express these feelings but not those feelings,' or 'I will only know these things within myself but not all these other things.'” [28]

"Without men and women of Knowledge, the human race would have faded long ago. Humanity’s promise, heritage and legacy are kept alive by the activities of those who work unseen and unbeknownst to the population at large. For them, the world is something very different. Its tribulations are opportunities. Its conflicts represent its calling. Its difficulties and disasters represent its condition. There is no complaint and no blame here. There is only work to be done—a great gift for a temporary place." [29]


"The man and woman of Knowledge are not attempting to do anything and thus everything can be done through them. Yet, they are hardly passive. In their non-interference, a Greater Power emerges and acts with tremendous strength through them." [30]

"Consider this: A man and woman of Knowledge may do very little in the world. They may have a very simple job. Their activities may not be magnanimous or unique. Ah, but what an influence they will cast. Others will feel renewed and replenished being in their presence. Yet, others will avoid them because they cannot tolerate this influence. The man or woman of Knowledge who is developed and prepared will cast, in most cases, a greater influence upon the environment than the environment can cast upon them. Indeed, they create their own environment. They do not do this by furnishing their house and putting up pretty wallpaper. They create an environment mentally. They create their own mental environment. In order for you to create your own mental environment, you must withdraw from the world and the gross influences of the world, at least for a period of time." [31]

"The man and woman of Knowledge take what life has to offer and utilize it for a greater good. They do not distort life. They do not deny the realities or the different aspects of life. They do not call something that is bad 'good' or something that is good 'bad.' What is important is how useful it is in serving a greater purpose. As you mature as a student of Knowledge, you will be able to gain this approach, and you will see how honest and effective it really is. Here you will be working in the world like the Creator works in the world—secretly, silently, without condemnation and with a permeating effectiveness that extends far beyond the great and stringent efforts of many people to improve life. This is not to say that your efforts will be easy but that their impact will be far more penetrating and lasting." [15]


"The man and woman of Knowledge can withhold their self-expression without any sense of self-violation, and they can take the risk of telling someone something important, perhaps something that is deemed risky, without any sense of self-violation. Indeed, the only real self-violation comes when you are going against Knowledge."[32]

"The man or woman of Knowledge who listens for Knowledge looks for the evidence of Spirit. Where Spirit is lacking, they are not harshly critical. They are cautious and discreet.” [33]

"The man and woman of Knowledge have a great impact upon others. They are not frittering away their energy with meaningless conversation, analysis or speculation. Because they are holding their communication within themselves, it is growing and becoming more potent. They are not constantly dissipating it by running off to their friends, telling everything that is going on with them and sharing all their deepest experiences in order to get it out of their system. No. The man and woman of Knowledge are holding it in their system so that it can grow in power and become more focused."[32]


"The man and woman of Knowledge want economy because they need time to focus on Knowledge and on learning greater things. They cannot be bogged down with objects, ideas or people that are not part of their greater pursuit. This is economy, and this is important. As you progress and study The Greater Community Way of Knowledge, gradually things fall away, not because they are bad but simply because they are no longer needed. You cannot use them. You don’t want to carry a lot of extra baggage. Your life, in a sense, is becoming streamlined. Your burden is getting lighter. Now you can assume greater responsibilities." [34]

"The more you develop your intelligence, the more you will become engaged in the Greater Community. Your mental resources will become more valuable. With all accomplishments, there are risks. There is a risk in gaining greater intelligence. The requirements of your life become much more demanding. The consequences of your mistakes are greater. Only the man or woman of Knowledge can successfully undertake this and remain relatively unburdened by the disadvantages that greater intelligence will bring about." [35]

"All the great qualities and virtues of the man and woman of Knowledge are not things that are simply given. Yet, the seeds for their expression are within each person. Those who cultivate the seeds, who grow them and who abide with them will be the ones who will receive the great rewards. They will be the ones who will build a better future for humanity and make it possible for people in the future to undertake the reclamation of Knowledge and to discover a greater purpose in life. As those in the past, unknown to you, have given you this opportunity and this advantage, so will you secure this for people in the future, people as yet unborn." [36]

"When people get involved in their own personal development in a conscious and active way, often they inflate things tremendously. Everything that happens is significant to them. Everything they feel must be significant. All of their problems represent greater truths or greater disabilities in life. Losing your keys is normal. It will happen to you regardless of who you are. Even the man and woman of Knowledge will lose their keys. The man and woman of Knowledge will get sick and die. The difference is in their experience of Knowledge and where they are devoting their energy. Most of the things in the world that are engaging people and overtaking them are little problems that have become bigger. Either they have been neglected or given too much significance." [37]


"How secure and how powerful the man or woman of Knowledge is who would not give up their mission for love or money. Are they fanatical? Perhaps. But they are committed because they have realized that truth is a source of meaning for them. Their ability to join in relationship far surpasses that of other people. What they will experience and what they will give will far surpass the goals and ambitions of others around them. They will make life possible for humanity in the future. They will strengthen humanity." [36]


"The man and woman of Knowledge must remain hidden from the world and must be very judicious about whom they encounter and what they communicate because they will have a great impact on everyone they meet. The unwise will become more unwise around them, and those seeking Wisdom will become wiser, for the more concentrated mind will accentuate the present state of every other mind that it comes in contact with. That is one reason why the Wise withdraw. This is very necessary." [38]

"Those who are strong with Knowledge will always guard their gifts and be very discerning where they can be given, how they should be expressed, and so forth. This is Wisdom. This is learning how to get things done in the world, which is what Wisdom is about. Wisdom is also about how to be in the world because being in the world and getting things done are the same.

If you were a man or woman of Knowledge and you did not exercise this Wisdom, the world would attempt to use you for its own purposes. People would use you for this or for that. They would associate with you to try to take from you that which you have. They would try to employ you for their purposes. They would drain you of your ability and your energy. They would rely on you and feed off of you and attempt to manipulate you. And when they realized they could not get any more from you, they would either discard you or attempt to destroy you. This is not because people are evil. It is simply because they do not yet have the ability to receive Knowledge directly. When you cannot receive something directly, it must be given to you indirectly. You yourself cannot yet receive Knowledge directly. You have to receive it incrementally, very slowly. Knowledge has to be applied and demonstrated to you." [17]

"Your role in life will be simple and hidden in almost all cases. If you are to become known, it is in a way a misfortune because the world will prey upon you, and others will use you and abuse you. They will infiltrate your life and attempt to take your gifts away from you. They will manipulate you, they will malign you, they will curse you, and they will praise you. This is reality. That is why only in rare cases will a man or woman of Knowledge become a public figure. And they will have to face the tribulation that accompanies this privilege." [21]


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