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"It is time now for a greater comprehension of God and an expanded understanding of God, who is the Source and Author of your life and of all life within this world and throughout the Greater Community of worlds in which you live."[1]


"You must have a greater understanding, a greater awareness, a greater theology and a new foundation for living."[2]

"You must be very patient for real understanding to develop."[3]

The Greater Community Way of Knowledge

"Within the larger context of the Greater Community, you will have an understanding that is profound and eminently useful. Here your ability to develop real discernment, true decision making, greater association and wise insight will be profound because it will not be limited by your customary thinking, by your worldly conditioning, by your painful past or even by the great assumptions that most people still hold to thoughtlessly."[3]

The Greater Community Way of Knowledge "gives you an opportunity to look at yourself from the outside. It gives you a clear vision and understanding of yourself, your situation, your predicaments and your opportunities. When you attain this awareness, things will seem so obvious to you that before you could not understand."[3]


"Greater Community Theology is not a theology of ideas. It is a theology of experience and relationships, for these are the media through which real understanding is transmitted from one mind to another. These are the media through which greater Knowledge can be sent and embodied long before understanding has developed over time. Indeed, you may have an experience that might take years for you to understand."[3]

"Knowing what God is doing in the universe can only be translated through pure experience, for the universe so far exceeds your intellectual or conceptual capacity that no language or technology could possibly describe it. And even if it could be described, you would have no way of understanding it."[2]

"Your understanding of the world and all things in the world will change as you advance in The Way of Knowledge. Certainly your understanding of yourself—your needs, your purpose and your direction—will change as you progress. This will give you a different perspective and a growing perspective as you proceed."[3]


"In the Greater Community, those who have advanced have realized the nature and purpose of God in their respective worlds, but their understanding has gone beyond the comprehension of God’s Will in specific matters, even beyond the concern for the well-being and survival of their race. They have gone beyond these concerns to a greater spirituality, a Greater Community Spirituality."[2]


"Giving begins with understanding and acceptance. Without understanding, your giving has no direction. Without acceptance, your giving becomes an attack on life. You cannot help people if you attack them. You cannot help them if you are horrified by them, disappointed by them, frustrated by them, hostile towards them, angry with them or impatient with them."[3]


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