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"You look for Grace;
you cannot find it.
You open yourself to Grace,
and it appears.
You claim Grace for yourself,
and it is nowhere to be found.
You yield yourself to Grace,
and Grace gently emerges.
You speak the truth—
the truth of what you really know,
not the truth of what you want or believe—
and Grace is standing beside you.
You look at the events of your world with compassion and deep understanding,
and Grace looks with you."[1]
God's Presence

What Is Grace?

"Grace must be a presence
and an intelligence that can enter into and abide
in any situation,
in any world, in any climate,
in any condition, in any culture and
in any race.
It must be something that can enter silently and abide with circumstances as they are.
It must be something that can enter at the invitation of a genuine and sincere request.
It must be something that can abide with a man or woman of Knowledge,
something that can abide with them without dominating them and
exist with them and in them without manipulating them.
It must abide with them in such a way that the authority of the person who is its recipient is not overshadowed or usurped.

Grace must be something that can be translated from one mind to another and transferred from one world to another." [2]

To Find Grace

"Grace seems to come and go, a momentary experience perhaps, something that is in great contrast to the vast majority of your experiences of being in the world. But it is always there. Think of it like this: It is as if the Greater Self in you and the greater relationship that you have with others momentarily became ignited, as if the ground were illuminated one dark night by flashes of lightning, and for those moments, you realized there is so much there that you could not see before. And after the momentary flashes, you return to darkness. But Grace, for that moment, that tiny moment, has illuminated your life." [2]

"Grace is evidence of a greater union and relationship that you have with others, with the world and with your Creator, but Grace also is the potency that carries great ideas and great inspiration from one mind to another. Here it is like a conduit that enables the transmission of Knowledge to pass from one mind to another." [2]

"At first, it will emerge momentarily like great flashes of lightning. It will emerge momentarily like the sudden appearance of an angelic presence. It will emerge suddenly like a warm glow and a hazy feeling that you are not alone and that there is a real confirmation in what has just been said or done. You will feel it initially in a sudden feeling of rightness within yourself and in the sudden recognition and appreciation of another." [2]

"Once you cease to be preoccupied with your own fervent wishes and desires, you will begin to feel this presence which is so graceful, so gentle and so reassuring." [3]

To Know Grace

"Find your way to Grace, and Grace will have a place to abide with you." [2]

"Honor the world because without your judgment you will realize it is a place of grace, a place of beauty and a place that blesses you as you learn to bless it." [4]

"This is your sacred encounter. Be with Us. Be with It. We are all connected there. You experience a different part of your nature and your reality here that you cannot find out into the world, except in moments of selfless action where you experience Grace in gratitude and the recognition of others, when you experience Grace. This is Grace—an experience, not an idea, not a concept, not a belief, but it is this, to be with Us." … "Receive this, for you are worthy to receive it regardless of what you may have done or not done in your life. You are worthy to receive the Grace." [5]

"Your promise, then, is to become a man or a woman of Knowledge—a vehicle for Knowledge; a person through which Knowledge can speak, act and move; a bringer of Grace, but also a person of action who can effect change, but with a greater spirit; who can speak the truth, but with a greater authority; who can reveal error, but with a greater compassion. Grace will be with you because Grace will be in you, and Grace will be with your relationships because Grace will be the foundation for their establishment and for their activity. Every moment you experience this, no matter how infrequent those moments may be, each one will be an experience of Christmas."[6]

Qualities of Grace

"Grace must be something very powerful because it inspires individuals to do great and selfless acts." [2]

Opportunities for Grace to emerge

"The experience of recognition is not based upon the fervency of one’s belief, for people are forever arguing over beliefs and can never really unite at this level. The resonance is happening beyond ideas and formulations of ideas. This is where true commitment emerges. This is where real courage emerges. This is where compassion and the experience of Grace emerge." [7]


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