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A Greater Reality "has no beginning and no end."[1]

"Your Spiritual Family is not all humankind. You are not entirely human. You belong to a Greater Reality."[2]

You "become a translator, a medium for a Greater Reality to express itself in the world and for great gifts to be given, even in the simplest and most mundane circumstances."[1]

"To be genuinely kind is to recognize a Greater Reality in another and to nurture and support that without denying that person’s present state."[3]


"Open yourself to a Greater Reality. Become a vehicle for its expression, even in the most mundane circumstance."[4]

"Let your life be a vehicle for a Greater Reality to express itself through you, and your value to others will have no limit and will be incomparable."[3]

"You must take responsibility for seeking out people, situations, examples and demonstrations that reinforce a Greater Reality within you, that support you in proceeding forward and that encourage you to do so. You must look for this goodness because you need it. Alone you cannot overcome the world or the world’s preoccupations. You need great assistance to do this. You need assistance from beyond the world through your Spiritual Family, and you need assistance within the world through meaningful relationships. And you need to be able to generate it within yourself."[4]

"You must practice and develop your skills. You must work very hard, and you must rise above the mediocrity that you see around you. But this is only so that you can become a vehicle for a Greater Reality to express itself through you. In this there is real accomplishment. In this there is no pride because when you are in relationship with a Greater Reality, you realize you are but the vehicle for its expression, and you value yourself for this. You do not claim responsibility for its power and its intelligence. You give. You do not claim the glory."[5]

"You do not need to understand the Greater Reality to feel it, to enter into relationship with it, to be part of it and to reclaim the Ancient Heritage which is yours and the power which has been given to you through Knowledge. Let those who cannot be in relationship with life try to understand it. They will not. And their ideas, no matter how seemingly intellectual or perfectly ordered, will not encompass the experience of the Greater Reality of which they themselves are an intrinsic part."[5]

A greater foundation

"Where can you possibly be if you are not being with what really is? Where can you possibly be if you are not being with the Greater Reality that is the foundation, meaning and context of your life? The only place that you can be is in your thoughts."[6]

"All that we are presenting in Greater Community Spirituality is important because it takes you to a Greater Reality. It cannot be used within an individual reality."[7]

"In order to take on greater responsibilities, to accept greater rewards and to meet greater challenges, you need a Greater Reality, which is connected to Knowledge within you. People try to take on big things with a small mind, and as a result they lose sense of what their endeavor might offer them, and everything becomes small."[8]

A Greater Reality "wishes to express itself through you. You cannot control the mechanism for doing this.You cannot determine its outcome. You do not know where it is going to take you, who it will bring into your life and who it will send away. It is mysterious, yet with Mystery you will be able to participate in life with such certainty and confirmation. You will be far more certain of this Mystery than of anything you can perceive around you—your society, your economy, your physical health. All of those are so changeable, but the Mystery of which I speak is firm and established. It is in perfect peace because it is not changing. It is only expressing itself in changing conditions. It is without change, and yet it is moving things along. It is not growing. It is not becoming. That is why it is so still."[9]

"When a Greater Reality begins to emerge within you and is recognized not as some distant deity but as a living Spiritual Presence within you, then you can begin to have a real foundation. Your ability to trust this foundation will grow over time. This trust has to be earned. It has to be realized. It has to be exercised until it can become a reliable resource for you."[8]

The Greater Community

"The Greater Community will change your ideas about God completely. It will change your ideas about religion completely. You will see that God is not preoccupied with humans. You will see that God is something bigger than what you have ever considered, and you will have to think as a participant in a Greater Reality. This is a great blessing."[2]

"There is spiritual advancement happening everywhere. That is why the Teachers of the Spiritual Families serve all worlds. If you ever have the gift of encountering your Teachers who have been assigned to you, you will recognize that not all of them are human. Why is this? Is it not to bring forth your Knowledge which speaks of a Greater Reality and a Greater Community and which takes you beyond your personal sphere to allow you to enter life?"[2]

The personal ...

"There are two aspects of you that we must talk about, for trust is the empowerment that you give yourself to participate in a Greater Reality while you are still in this world. There is your personal side, which you have been developing since you arrived here in this world, and there is your Impersonal side, which is something that is intrinsic to you. You have not been developing it; it is intact already. It is only your Impersonal or deeper nature that can account for Knowledge. If you attempt to develop trust within your personal side, you will have great difficulty." [10]

"Your personal mind is but a part of the means for expressing a Greater Reality in a temporary reality, for expressing the Knowledge of the universe in the unique opportunity you have to live in the world."[5]

"If you live in the personal side, the only reliable source of information for your conclusions is what your senses report to you. Living in the personal side cannot account for a Greater Reality. The personal side hopes that there is a better world somewhere else where you may go when you leave here, but it cannot account for a Greater Reality."[10]

"It is a Greater Force within you that accounts for intrinsic relationship and speaks for a Greater Reality. It guides you in directions that you have never gone, and yet it is so natural. What can your personal side do in the face of these things but acquiesce, fight or disassociate? Those are its three possible responses.Yet as Knowledge becomes stronger, your personal side must acquiesce because it is overshadowed."[10]

... and impersonal

"The distinction between the personal and the Impersonal is so important. When you are in your Impersonal side, you will see an entirely different world than the world you see when you are in your personal viewpoint. Time will stand still. You will be in the present. You are in a different state of mind now. As you experience this, even momentarily, the sense of contrast will give you an inclination of what you must attain to have peace in this world. It will also clarify your values so that you may have a true goal in life—to serve the Greater Reality so that it may emerge within you."[10]


"Inspiration refers to the spirit. It represents a Greater Reality and a greater purpose in life, and it will be manifest if you look for it and if you need it. If you preoccupy yourself with petty interests and little concerns and fearful fantasies, you will not find the inspiration that you need. If you spend all of your time with people who are not responding to this, then you will lose your ability to respond as well."[4]

"The pursuit of Knowledge and Wisdom is not an individual quest; it is a collective effort. For anyone to advance requires meaningful involvement with many other people. Developing this understanding indeed is part of the education of going from a singular approach to a community approach, going from a singular viewpoint of life to a Greater Community understanding of life. This is a part of your education. This is a part of the transition from being lost in your individuality to being embodied in the Greater Reality."[7]

"When you know, truly, that your Home is beyond this world, then you can begin to relax in the world. Then the world’s consequences are not so dire. This does not give rise to passivity. It calls upon a greater responsibility, which indicates that you have come here for a purpose."[11]

Healing "comes from a greater reality than your personal sphere. It comes from the Greater Reality that you are a part of but cannot govern. Indeed, you need to govern your thoughts, feelings and activities so that they may be directed according to a deeper experience.You will want this experience of being in the Impersonal increasingly, for here everything settles down and you can begin to see. You will have confidence here because your confidence is based upon something that is sound and established. And you will perceive your personal self like a loving parent who understands the little child screaming and is not offended.Your personal side will eventually integrate itself into Knowledge and find its rightful contribution. Thus, everything will be fulfilled and unified. You must see that as you live in your personal side, you cannot resolve anything. You will attempt many great resolutions, make new plans, get into new relationships or try to change your scenario, but if your Knowledge is not going in those directions, then you will not have agreement within your own True Being."[10]

The Greater Reality "permeates everything you see. However, you do not see this Greater Reality because you are dominated by the reality that you do see, and you are dominated by your thoughts about that reality. A Greater Reality becomes discovered when there is a desire for it and a preparation to reach it. It becomes discovered when there is a need for its presence."[6]

"As you follow in The Way of Knowledge and as you take the steps to Knowledge," ... "the seemingly great gulf between you and the Greater Reality that permeates your life and that gives your life its real meaning and purpose is being penetrated. The veil that seems to separate you from this experience and awareness is slowly being dissolved."[6]


"In your world there are those who are destined to become speakers for the Greater Reality. You must understand that the Greater Reality is not the Greatest Reality. That is not how life works. God can only communicate through God’s Messengers who exist in the next level. Each level serves the level below it. That is how everything progresses."[12]


"Once this happens, the person’s emergence will begin, and they will be entering a Greater Reality while they are still living in the world. It is hard to see that you are already part of something greater that is affecting you very deeply. It is not that you will become part of something. You already are. You are already part of a greater physical reality and a greater spiritual reality."[2]

"Humanity is preoccupied with itself as the adolescent child is preoccupied with himself or herself. Human beings, upon reaching adulthood, mature largely because they begin to account for a greater reality beyond themselves and to respond to the needs of others. This represents the predicament of your world now. It is emerging into a greater reality, yet it is still preoccupied with itself. There are very serious dangers here and very great opportunities."[2]

"Marriage will produce the environment that will produce the yearning for a Greater Reality and a greater union. If your Spirit is ready to emerge, then fulfillment on the personal side will not be enough. As this emergence continues to be the emphasis, you will feel increasingly restless."[13]


"We are here for a specific purpose in our service to the world. Like other Teachers at our level, we are here to seek out certain individuals who are inherently connected to us so that their own Knowledge and the memory of their true origin may be rekindled in this life. As this is brought about, they will be able to activate Knowledge in others and thus part the veil between this world and life beyond this world. We have a specific purpose to reach specific people, and yet our very nature and presence allow us to demonstrate a Greater Reality and context for relationship that is relevant to everyone. We are here to impart Knowledge in those individuals whom we are called to serve specifically. It is not so much that we give Knowledge, but that we activate it within them. You see, only through purposeful relationship can Knowledge be activated. Each of you carries a treasure of Knowledge internally, but you cannot activate it yourself. You do not even know where it is. You live at the surface of your Being and cannot penetrate to the core without great assistance, from others amongst yourselves and from greater powers beyond."[14]

"Your Inner Teachers need you because you are emissaries in the world. Thus, you need your Inner Teachers and they need you. It does not matter for all of you that you have conscious contact, though for some of you it is quite significant. It is always worth your concern and focus, however, because it is the reclamation of true relationship. Fully comprehending the Presence of your Teachers in this life is to have an experience of relationship directly. This will prepare you to be in meaningful relationships with other people with far greater ability and resourcefulness."[15]

"There is no individual reality. Drawing from a Greater Reality means that you have passed beyond your own interpretations sufficiently that you can now have a direct experience of life. You can see in a new way, hear in a new way, speak in a new way and experience life in a new way."[16]


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