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"Even when people try to become very controlling and very dominating, it is still only just a compensation for their weakness. People become manipulative because they do not have any real self-confidence, and they cannot discern the real merits and power in other people, so now they must control, dominate and manipulate people to get what they want."[1]

Vulnerability to Manipulation

"It is time to find the power and the presence of Knowledge and to come to terms with the fact that your mind, thinking and feelings are in fact being dominated by so many forces in the mental environment."[2]

"Certainly a marriage and a family creates a powerful mental environment, an environment of influence. And in this regard, whoever you marry is really who you are choosing to be your primary influence in your life. In people’s romantic pursuits, of course, this is almost never considered. But this is a chief factor in determining whether someone is an appropriate partner for you. You will be assigning them the role as your chief and primary influence if you unite with them in marriage or partnership."[2]

"People who assign themselves these roles and responsibilities are not the Emissaries of the Creator. At best, they are the emissaries of their own ambition and their own failed ideologies. At worse, they fall into service to powers that they cannot even recognize and begin to endorse, represent and propose things, the source of which is unknown to them. They have claimed that they are not the authors of their own demonstration, and because they do not want to even think that they are the authors of their own demonstration, they will naturally appeal to any other source that to them represents a kind of spiritual power. It is this kind of self-deception, it is this kind of self-glorification that would make one extremely vulnerable to manipulation from beyond."[3]

"Humility, patience, perseverance, honesty, discretion, discernment—all essential qualities for true accomplishment. And yet, you do not see these qualities demonstrated by many people, especially by many people who claim to be spiritual authorities. People who claim to be psychic, to be clairvoyant, to have unique and special powers—these people are especially vulnerable to manipulation from beyond. And because they give themselves such high rank in the spiritual hierarchy, and because they consider themselves to be so unique among human beings, and because they seek recognition and approval for their ideas, these people will be very, very good candidates for manipulation and can well fall in with the Intervention, in all of its manifestations. Willing now to serve a greater power and believing that they are endowed to do so, they assign themselves the role of emissaries." [3]

The Extraterrestrial Intervention

"Various groups from the Universe are in the world today to try to take advantage of the weak and divided humanity. They will not use force to achieve their goals because they are more intelligent. They will use the powers of persuasion and intimidation to gain advantage here." [2]

"You are dealing with a more powerful force in the mental environment. For these races have to compete with other races and have had to develop great skill and discernment, great skill in manipulating the thoughts, the attitudes and expectations of others. This represents their primary strength. And this they will bring to bear on an unsuspecting humanity." [2]

Freedom from Manipulation

"The real secret here to be able to avoid manipulation and to avoid making critical mistakes in your relationships and your engagements with others is the discovery of Knowledge within yourself."[2]

"Nothing in the Universe can overtake Knowledge. Your intellect can be overtaken. Your feelings can be overtaken. Your attitudes can be directed. Your thoughts can be conditioned. Your feelings can be aroused and manipulated. But Knowledge within you is beyond persuasion and manipulation. And this is why it represents the greatest source of strength and freedom for you and for everyone." [2]


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