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Money Quotes

"Live simply. Only own that which you need and perhaps a few little things for your personal enjoyment. Fundamentally, own only what you truly need and there will be no confusion, and you will not have to work too hard for money. Give money to support those things that inspire you. They require support, and you need to support them to experience your relationship with them." [1]

"Of course, money is associated with social power, and wealth is associated with social power, the power to control your own circumstances, but also the power to control other people—what they do, what they think, how they perceive you and so forth. So money is directly related to the issue of power.

Many people have a very unhealthy relationship with money. They associate it with evil. They associate it with abuse. They associate it with all of the destructive tendencies in human beings. Other people worship money and what they think money can do for them. Here indeed the wealthy have not produced an inspiring example overall. But money is like food. It is a resource. It is something that must be understood clearly. It is something that must be used appropriately. It is something that must serve a fundamental and essential need primarily."[2]

Lots of money yet impoverished

"Look at the wealthy who have no freedom. Oh, they have lots of money, and they can go anywhere they want. They do not even have to work, some of them. Are they free? Or are they slaves to their money and their situation and their privileges and their appetites and their fears?" [3]

"What difference does it make to pray to God and ask for miracles if you cannot even respond to the wisdom and the guidance that God has already placed within you? It is like asking for something small and missing something great. God has put a perfect guiding intelligence within you. If you cannot experience this, if you cannot accept this, if you do not believe in this, what else can God do for you? Give you more money or a better job? Well, true, but you are still impoverished. Your spirit is still living in a state of poverty."[4]

Not for love, not for money

"Remember, money is here to serve. You do not want to serve it. Money is a resource to be employed. It is here to serve. You do not want to become its servant. What does money serve for you? How do you use money? Do you preserve money and save it for future use? Do you live according to what you need or are you dominated by what you want? Perhaps you are working too hard in your work in the world because you are requiring more money than you really need. Perhaps you have to work harder in the world because you need more than you have. You must find what is correct for you. However, to be able to find what is correct, you must know what is correct, and you must have the necessary criteria."[1]

"The journey is before you. You must take it. Do not turn away from it for any reason—not for love, not for money, not for intellectual pride, not for personal security. This is your journey. You must take it."[5]

Money and the future

"Without sufficient petroleum, how will you run your cars, your farm machinery, your transportation system and your government? Many people have faith that there is unlimited petroleum in the world. It is a faith. It is a hope. It is a wish. It is an expectation. But they have no certainty. They have never studied the problem. They do not realize that humanity will be facing declining resources. They have faith that all of these resources are there. You just spend more money, and the resources are there. You spend more money, you get more resources—endless resources. It is never really a problem." [6]

"The necessary teaching about money is very simple, but that also means that it is very demanding. The teaching is not here to compromise or to make deals between what you may want and what you may know. They are indeed different. You must choose one or the other. You cannot have them both. In the future, when you want what you know, you will feel a great harmony within yourself." [1]

Your purpose with money

"Your purpose in life is greater than simple pleasures. It is greater than hobbies. It is greater than simply finding a job that is the easiest job to do or the job that gives you the most money or social recognition. Your real purpose for coming, the thing that you are really designed to do and to accomplish, is not bound by these things. And who you are is designed for something very special. That is why you are the way you are." [7]

"To build a foundation for learning and Living the Way, it is necessary that you be able to provide for yourself in order to meet your basic needs and expenses and that you deal with these resources— money, time and effort—effectively. If this is neglected, you will be disabled in your attempt to build your foundation and to begin your journey into the next great stage of your life, which is the reclamation of Knowledge and the discovery of a greater purpose." [1]

"Some of you will need to go into the future with no money at all. Others will need to go into the future with a great deal. Given a human value system, this seems very inconsistent, yet it is related to what you are meant to do. Some people will never undertake their purpose if their hands are full of money. Others will never undertake their purpose if their hands are empty. Who can say? Who can determine what will give each person the best opportunity?" [8]

Money and relationships

"For a relationship to function in the world, it must have a sufficient degree of compatibility. That does not mean you are completely the same, of course not. But you must have compatibility regarding your values, regarding your lifestyle, regarding your use of money, regarding how you look at work, regarding, really, the Four Pillars of your life." [9]


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