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"Great events create great individuals and great relationships. The greatness that you carry will never arise under casual or normal circumstances. It must be called out of you by great events and great needs. It must require you to do things that you would be too lazy or indolent to do previously." [1]

"If you become lazy here, life will pass you by, and you will live with a sense of dissatisfaction that nothing will be able to relieve." [2]

"This is simply the way of the future for you. If you are complacent, if you are lazy, if you lack courage, and if you are not able to experience the great reward that is meant for you, you will be denying yourself the opportunity and the gift and the fulfillment that can only come through experiencing and expressing the gift." [3]


"Because you were sent into the world for a greater purpose, you have a greater set of responsibilities to develop. You have to counteract your own laziness, your weakness, your inclination to quit and give up, the amount of fear that you carry and the influence of that fear upon you. It is a great and demanding situation—perfect for your redemption."[4]

"You cannot be lazy and indolent in the face of either the Great Waves of change or this Intervention from the Greater Community in which you live." [5]

Laziness as a trait among humans compared to other races

"In relation to your neighbors in the Greater Community, your people are extremely lazy and ineffective. This is partly due to the fact that your environment is so easy and requires so little. This is quite rare in the Greater Community where, in order to survive and maintain their development, races have had to cultivate themselves. It is not a matter of 'Do I really want to or not?' It is simply necessary. Here it is not necessary because everything is so easy." [6]

Laziness as a character trait

"Often people become very lazy here because they are waiting for something to change them. Then if it goes wrong, they have someone else to blame." [2]

"Many people are too lazy to consider these things, and so they will reject the New Revelation, without even looking at it, without even responding to it." [7]

"Real learning is a step-by-step process. It does not happen all at once. Only those who are lazy, indolent and weak think they are gaining a great understanding in the moment. That is never the case." [8]

Laziness as a habit of being

"People are impatient. They want results today. That is why they want miracles. Miracles are like having something for nothing. They do not want to do the work. They do not want to build their inner sanctuary. They do not want to cultivate their minds. They do not want to learn the skill of silence and stillness. They do not want to take the time to develop real discernment and clarity. They just want the miracle. It is very lazy, you see, to want such things. It is like getting the reward without doing any of the work. It is like telling your farm to just grow all the food for you while you take a vacation—or telling your shop or your industry to produce the goods without you having to work at it." [9]

"People condemn because they do not recognize others, and they are too lazy or indolent to find out about others. They want to rest upon their judgments, their attitudes, their beliefs. They want the failure of others or the problem with others to reinforce their attitudes and their beliefs, so their condemnation is a kind of self-validation even though it really is a denial of their true nature." [10]

"It is so very easy to fool yourself. It is so very easy to just fall in line with your social conditioning or the expectations of others. It is so easy to be afraid of going against the prejudices of your group, your family or those whom you seek to impress. It is so easy to be lazy and indolent and just express the consensus view." [11]


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