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"Consistency enables you to learn at a pace that keeps you moving forward." [1]

As a Practice

"Anything you do that engages your mind with something greater that is done consistently will yield a result you could not produce for yourself." [2]

"The practice helps you on many levels. It creates balance and focus for your mind. It creates a meaningful consistency in your daily life." [3]

"Do not repress what is occurring within you. Do not control what is occurring without. Simply maintain consistency, and all things will find a right balance and relationship to this." [4]

Steps to Knowledge Students

"In following Steps to Knowledge, you develop a consistency, perseverance and inner determination that are not dominated by your emotional states." [3]

"To become a true student of Knowledge will require greater self-discipline, greater consistency of application, greater acceptance of worth than anything you have undertaken thus far." [5]

"Becoming a student means that you are willing to follow and be responsible for being a follower and to orient yourself towards your preparation. This takes discipline and consistency. It is a commendable state." [6]

"To go from a fixed human viewpoint to a Greater Community perspective represents a tremendous expansion. It requires more effort, more consistency and more determination than meeting even the normal range of challenges." [7]

"Consistency in following the steps to Knowledge, in following a preparation that you did not invent or design for yourself, will give you greater consistency in all other aspects of your life and will enable you to be one person, the same person, in all situations." [8]

Consistency of Truth

Truth "is a living experience in your life-perhaps fleeting, not every moment, but consistent enough that it provides consistency itself. Then you realize that truth does not fluctuate. You do." [2]

"Because Knowledge does not vacillate, it is a source of certainty, consistency and stability for you." [9]

"Can you trust that deeper inclination? Can you recognize its consistency and its depth and distinguish it from all the other impulses, compulsions, needs or anxieties that you might feel? It lives within you. Deep, silent, powerful. In contrast to a world of mad pursuits, frantic activities and dangerous involvements, what greater gift could you be given than a part of God to live within you?" [10]

"That is why the importance of spirituality and spiritual practice that are translatable is so very significant. This speaks of a greater union in the universe—a union beyond separation, a union beyond the difference of environment and appearance, orientation and belief. Here you see what is powerful, what is consistent, what is uniform and what does not change with time and place, situations and circumstances." [11]

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