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"Does it not take more effort and energy to maintain confusion and ambivalence than it does to dedicate yourself to something?" [1]


"Humanity is always furthered by the dedicated actions of a few people, so do not look to the general public to make the difference. Look to yourself and to others like you who are responding to a greater need and who see a greater problem and a greater promise for humanity." [2]


"Advancement for humanity, in whatever field you might consider, has been the result of the efforts of a relatively small number of people who were committed, who were devoted and who had great allies." [3]

Take the Steps

"The world is progressing because of the contribution of many concentrated individuals who are dedicated to the well-being of humanity and to its advancement as a race. The benefits you see in the world are the result of this contribution, not just practical and physical benefits, but the concentration of many minds on the well-being and equanimity of human function and interaction." [4]

"You are going to climb a great mountain. This requires equipment and preparation.This requires planning and determination. It requires that you resolve certain conflicts at the outset in order to proceed. The journey is going to require tremendous strength and dedication." [5]


"Life is not casual. Life is not ambivalent. Life is fully dedicated. Everywhere. To be part of life is to be fully dedicated, completely committed, completely involved, completely joined and completely whole." [6]

"To be self-directed, or inner-directed, requires that your motivation can be renewed and rededicated from within you.Without this, you will not get beyond the first barrier or obstacle that stands in your way. And, indeed, many people do not proceed beyond these first obstacles." [5]

"When the mind is worked and is internally motivated, then great inner strength can be developed. The mind then becomes more powerful, more focused, more dedicated and more determined. This determination and this dedication can be focused in many different directions. If they are focused upon good—upon producing meaning and value for people and upon solving problems in the world in service to humanity—their benefit can have no boundaries." [7]

"Those who are meaningfully engaged with the world are freed from the attempt to prove themselves. They are simply doing what they have to do. They can afford to be honest. They can afford to face themselves. They can afford to relax. They can afford to enjoy life. They can afford to dedicate themselves. To them, commitment is not a loss. It is the beginning of reality." [8]


"Give the mind one thing to dedicate itself to. This produces equanimity because when the mind is focused, it becomes still—even when it is working very hard. This gives you freedom from past regrets and from future anxieties. It takes you away from fear and into a concentrated state of mind. It generates activity, observation and many other specific tasks." [7]

"Those who are dedicated to serving the world do not have time for the debilitating ideas and preoccupations that keep others in a diffracted and confused state." [7]

"All of your close relationships need to be strong and dedicated. Here is where most people falter. Here is where they make their compromises. It is easier and more self-assuring to be around someone who has less strength and concentration than yourself."[7]

"You will need very strong companions. You will need people who are dedicated to the truth, to Knowledge and to a greater purpose in life. If this is not the case, you will be fighting a losing battle." [7]


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