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"You must look towards one another. 'How can we work together? How can we work together to strengthen and to unify our race and to secure and to balance our world?' This won't be merely an altruistic wish. It will become a vital necessity." [1]

Necessity of Crisis

"For the world has changed, but people have not changed with it. And now you are facing a new set of realities.

"What will God say to this as people feel overwhelmed, as their prophecies for the future do not come true, as the return of their savior does not occur, as they believe that God is creating all these problems for them?

"The Revelation speaks to all these things, but you must be open to the Revelation, and you must face the prospect of great change, for it is upon you and the world, and it is going to move forward." [2]

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  2. God Is Moving Humanity in a New Direction (April 22, 2011)

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