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"The Greater Community is here, and this is accelerating your development at a rapid pace."[1]

"Humanity does not have much time. You do not have decades to consider these things, for you have set in motion change in the world now that will accelerate and will be beyond your control and is even today beyond your control."[2]

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"Life is moving quickly. You must move too. You must become attentive and aware. You must have an open mind, an attentive mind, a watchful mind and a careful mind, but not a fearful mind."[3]

"You must seek the Greater Power that is within you that can help you accelerate your development and meet a new set of requirements for adaptation, survival and accomplishment." [4]

"You can accelerate your learning by observing others."[5]

"In a world such as yours, which has gone through a very long and protracted period of tribal social development and which has accelerated in recent centuries into large tribal and then international societies, you have now reached the great threshold where the world must become one community."[6]

Great Waves of change

"The Angelic Assembly that oversees this world has seen this coming. And it is approaching so quickly now, accelerating itself and being further accelerated by humanity’s continuing to contaminate the air, the waters and the soils—setting in motion forces that you do not even fully understand; setting in motion forces of change and upheaval that will work against humanity, that will threaten humanity now."[7]

Evolutionary fast-forward

"You are in an evolutionary fast-forward right now. The Greater Community presences here are stimulating this. The growth of the human family and its changing interaction with one another and with the natural environment here are also contributing to this tremendous acceleration in development."[8]

"Present in this acceleration are the Forces of Good and the Forces of Dissonance. Present here is a great opportunity for a quantum leap in spiritual development and understanding and a quantum leap in humanity’s cultural integration and establishment." [8]

TheGreatWavesOfChange Medallion.jpg

"When you consider your life today, you will see that you are undergoing unprecedented change, change to a degree and at an acceleration that your ancestors could not even comprehend. The adaptive requirements upon you today are even greater than upon your ancestors, for those forces that threatened their survival were known to them. But today the forces that threaten your survival are barely known to you."[9]

"The desire to learn, the desire to understand and the desire to overcome are all inherent within you. These all add up to a great motivation that is being accelerated in the human race. As larger and more complex problems arise, they call upon human beings to concentrate, to learn, to adapt and to rethink their current positions—all these things."[10]

"Humanity is a very recent race. Yes, the primitive life of your ancestors went on for a very long time, mainly because your world is such an easy world to live in compared to other worlds. However, the demands of life now are much greater, and the pace of life is much faster. That is because the evolution of the world is accelerating. It is accelerating because of the global population of humanity, it is accelerating because of the global problems of humanity and it is accelerating because of the presence of Greater Community forces in the world." [3]

"Humanity overall requires tremendous preparation. The world now is supporting this by calling upon people everywhere to join and to unite to fulfill common needs and common purposes—to salvage your environment, to equalize the distribution of your wealth, to learn the wise use of your resources, to cease incessant conflict and warfare and to learn to see beyond tribal and regional identities in order to develop an identity as world citizens. All this is happening at a remarkably quick pace, so fast in fact that most people cannot keep up with it. This is all part of your emergence into the Greater Community. It is all part of living in an accelerated evolutionary period. This is a very difficult period and will incite and bring forth much of the inbred human resentment and conflict that already exist here. This acceleration can lead to new achievements and understanding or it can lead to tremendous breakdown and destruction for humanity."[8]

The Way of Knowledge and accelerated development

"You cannot control the process. You can only accelerate it by bringing this greater honesty to your mind and your thoughts and your engagements with others."[11]

"You are needed in the world, and your preparation must become accelerated. You do not now have the luxury of endless exploration and diversion, for the world needs you."[12]

"Your life is being accelerated, but the real preparation still takes time. You are learning to gain a new position with yourself in the world, and you are learning to find the real order of authority within yourself. You are turning away from the world’s teaching to learn something mysterious and wonderful. This cannot be done in a day, a month or a year. However, your life can and will become accelerated as you approach this wholeheartedly."[13]

"Over time you will find your pace in learning, and then you will be able to increase your pace and accelerate your advancement. You cannot do this based upon your will, your wishes or your ambitions. You must do this based upon a growing understanding and ability within yourself. Knowledge will indicate how fast you can go, and Knowledge will enable you to accelerate your pace as your learning increases and expands."[14]

"God of the Greater Community does not give special attention to one race. But the Plan does accelerate in races that can begin to gain the freedom to experience and to express Knowledge. This focus accelerates in individuals who can begin to experience and to express Knowledge."[15]

"When you are entering a more conscious state, a state more committed to education and revelation, then you will seek an environment that is more conducive to the experience of awareness and knowing. This is a natural process, and it will become greatly accelerated as you become aware of it and can make conscious decisions in order to enhance your mental environment and to create greater opportunities for insight."[16]

"Perhaps this journey will be long with many stages. You cannot control the process. You can only accelerate it by bringing this greater honesty to your mind and your thoughts and your engagements with others."[17]

"The Way of Knowledge has been introduced into the world just in time. Those who begin the preparation now will be in the best position to contribute to humanity in the times to come. Their learning will be accelerated, their lives will be accelerated, and the changes they need to make within themselves and within their own personal spheres will be accelerated. If they are patient and honest, and if they do not try to use the preparation for their own personal gain, they will be able to build their foundation. And they will be able to find those who have come into the world to help them."[18]


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