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"In considering other people, you have to consider that there is a range of honesty possible. The limits to their honesty are awareness, understanding and their overall development. Lack of awareness limits honesty because without awareness you tend to be dishonest in order to protect yourself." [1]

"What could be more difficult than attempting the impossible by attempting to like something you don’t really want or need or by attempting to be somebody else in order to fulfill other people’s expectations? What could be more arduous and difficult than this?"[2]

"Everyone has the same challenges though individuals may experience them at different junctures along the way. One person may be feeling, “This is wonderful. I love this!” Another may be feeling, “Oh, God. This is so difficult. I don’t understand it.” Comparisons from one person to another are never helpful here, for you cannot see the overall development of other people. Perhaps they are enjoying it in the moment while you are not, or vice versa. Can you make an adequate evaluation of how well they are doing and how well you are doing?""[2]


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