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"There are many forces in the mental environment that are both positive and negative concerning your well-being."[1]

"There are forces here to help you and forces that will hinder you. How do you tell the difference? How do you discern this? How can you respond?" [2]

"The Forces for Good from the Greater Community are here to emphasize Knowledge, for this is what will save the human race." [3]

"There is a Greater Force in the universe that promotes innovation, promotes reform, promotes advancement, promotes creativity and promotes the freedom to make all of these activities possible." [4]

"They are there for you, you can call to them, and they will abide with you." [5]

Spiritual Forces

"There are spiritual forces as well as beneficial Greater Community presences in the world to offset the presence of the Forces of Dissonance." [6]

"There is a network of the wise, and there is a network of practitioners in The Way of Knowledge. Most have never met one another. But the seeds of Knowledge were planted in their cultures and are supported by spiritual forces who exist beyond the visible range—who encourage the discovery, the development and the expression of Knowledge within many, many worlds."[7]

"Spiritual forces are present, but you will not be aware of them until you undertake the preparation that they have provided and are supporting."[6]

"Unless you are undertaking the preparation for the great threshold of emerging into a Greater Community identity and awareness, you will be unlikely to experience their presence. They work in conjunction with other spiritual forces that have been in the world all along, cultivating and nurturing human advancement."[6]

"One of the first steps in the reclamation of Knowledge is learning to recognize the problem that exists, to see the world as it is, to see yourself as you are and to discern the forces that are influencing human thinking and behavior. Indeed, there are forces that are good, and there are forces that work against the good." [8]

The Unseen Ones

"The Plan and Presence of God and of Unseen Forces are uniform throughout the universe." [4]

"Serving all of manifest life in the universe, there are Unseen Forces. These Unseen Forces speak for what is good and necessary. They serve as a source of encouragement and reinforcement for those who are beginning to experience and recognize Knowledge, the great spiritual inheritance that the Creator of all life has imbued in all intelligent races." [4]

"These Unseen Forces have a goal. The goal is to ignite a deeper intelligence within individuals, the intelligence of Knowledge, and through this intelligence to contribute to the well-being, protection and advancement of their peoples and nations." [4]

"The Spiritual Presence and the Unseen Forces in the universe represent the real hope for advancement and redemption for intelligent life everywhere." [4]

"You most certainly have deep relationships amongst the Unseen Forces within this world, for they have brought you into this world and helped prepare you for this life experience." [9]

The Allies of Humanity

"Only your potential allies in space do not seek advantage here. Their interest is largely geared toward their own security and their natural inclination to serve a talented and gifted race such as humanity." [9]

"Those forces that are determined to assist humanity are not carrying out these experiments." [2]

"There are great forces for good in the Universe, forces that work on behalf of individual freedom and the integrity of all life, forces that seek to nurture and to keep alive the greater spiritual Knowledge that resides as a potential within all sentient beings. Your allies represent but a small expression of this greater force." [10]

"There are forces for good in the world as well. They are here for the protection and the benefit of humanity. Therefore, you are not left helpless in the face of a seemingly more powerful adversary. Not only are there Greater Community forces in the world here to assist you and to educate you, there is the power and presence of Knowledge, which must become activated to enable you to effectively deal not only with the problems and dilemmas of human affairs, but the problems and dilemmas that exist in the Greater Community as well." [3]

"A small contingency of individuals" ... "are monitoring the presence of the Forces of Dissonance, for they have come to monitor this presence. They, too, are learning about humanity, but for a very different purpose. They wish for humanity to thrive and to progress. They are driven by a greater incentive. They have spiritual alliances that are serving them. They are not here for commerce; they are not here for conquest or manipulation; they are not here to learn about you for their own self-defense. They are here to cultivate humanity’s education, to support humanity without direct interference. They, too, are studying individuals, for they must learn not only your psychology, but your physiology as well. They are providing education. They are stimulating certain individuals who have the real potential to receive a Greater Community understanding. They are supporting the introduction of The Greater Community Way of Knowledge. They are wise enough not to interfere with you directly, and they maintain their surveillance in such a way that their physical presence is not made manifest. Overall, this group represents the Forces of Good for humanity. In your own vernacular, they could be called 'the good guys.'” [6]

Individual contribution

"Thoughts and groups of thoughts" ... "are called forces." [11]

"In the mental environment, there are great forces of influence. There are forces of confirmation and there are forces of dissonance. If you contribute to the forces of confirmation, they become stronger. Here you affect the mental environment, both in your immediate circumstances and throughout the world." [12]

"People who undertake the reclamation of Knowledge often find themselves withdrawing from life in certain ways in order to minimize or limit the influences of society upon them. This gives them the freedom to re-evaluate themselves without feeling bombarded by the world’s influences and images. This is why many people who begin to study The Greater Community Way of Knowledge seek escape from television, radio and even music—not because these things are inherently bad but because they are so influential. They withdraw from individuals who influence them in ways that are counterproductive to their well-being and to their ability to refocus their mind. This withdrawal is necessary for people to rethink their thoughts, to have the freedom of evaluation, to gain control of their own mental forces, to deepen their awareness of themselves and to become more sensitive to the things that are influencing them." [13]

The effect in the cumulative of all forces

"The world, at any given moment, reflects the changing balance between forces for good and forces for conflict. The condition of the world reflects the impact of the forces that further human evolution and those forces that oppose it. The condition of the world reflects the results of people’s contributions to others versus the results of their selfish pursuit." [14]

"There are conflicts and they will continue, but the world will not blow up. There are forces in the world to keep this from happening. It is possible these forces can fail, but it hasn’t happened yet. Do not think the fate of the world is up to people alone." [15]


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