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"You are not traveling alone, for companions will come to join you." [1]

"True companionship arises out of your purpose in life." [2]

"Greater things are possible given true determination, true companionship and a worthy goal." [3]


"Stronger companions will make you stronger. Weaker companions will make you weaker. The choice is yours. Choose well." [4]

"You must wait for things to come about. You must wait for certainty. You must wait for confirmation. You must wait for companionship." [5]

Companions and the Way of Knowledge

"The Greater Community Way of Knowledge is a great mountain to climb. It is not an easy stroll up a hillside one day. It is not a casual pursuit when you have the free time. It is not something you will be able to do without preparation, without the proper incentive and without the proper companionship" ... "wise companions who can help you to understand what you are doing and can give you a good perspective on yourself." [6]

"This also requires wise companionship with others, for you cannot see everything on your own, and everyone has blind spots—things that they cannot see directly or discern correctly. You will need wise companions. You will need a true teacher, eventually, for you cannot lead yourself, for you do not know where you are going."[7]

"You choose a Greater Power to follow within yourself, and with it, a greater reason for proceeding and a greater motivation. This is what enables true advancement to occur. You will have to do this even if your beloved companion falls away or chooses another way." [6]

"At the outset, you will also need real companionship. Here you must distance yourself from people who discourage you and who add to your confusion or self-doubt. You must even distance yourself from people who are going in a different direction, even if their pursuits are worthy. Indeed, you must distance yourself from anyone who cannot support a greater purpose in you. You do not cast them out of your heart or deny your love and appreciation for them, but you must have distance from them in order to proceed. Do not underestimate the importance of this. It is absolutely vital. Without the right companions, you cannot undertake a journey. Without true assistance, you cannot even begin." [3]

"As Knowledge becomes revealed, you will see in every case that you have two choices. To make the right choice, you must find inspiration in your companions and in your life, and you must inspire yourself.

You will always have great support for making the wrong choice. You can always find much companionship in going the wrong way. And you can always receive much consolation for not going anywhere at all. But what value is there in this? Does this inspire you? Does this encourage you to live a greater life and to exercise a greater authority that the Creator has

given to you? Is there anything inspiring about being safe and comfortable?"[3]

"Seek out the companionship that is worthy of your journey in life. One wrong companion can spoil the whole endeavor. Think of it like this. You are going to climb a great mountain.This requires equipment and preparation. This requires planning and determination. It requires that you resolve certain conflicts at the outset in order to proceed. The journey is going to require tremendous strength and dedication. It is going to require some very wise planning, and it is going to require worthy and capable companionship. If one companion does not share this, he or she can undermine the whole expedition. One person whose commitment is not genuine can cast doubt upon everyone’s focus and purpose." [3]

"Development in The Way of Knowledgeand in concentration requires instruction. Here it is important to be around individuals who are more concentrated than you are. And they must be significantly more concentrated than you are in order to lift you upwards and to have an effect upon you."[4]

"Next, you will need true companionship. Here you will need people of equal or greater concentration than yourself to be your companions. They will demand things of you, demonstrate things for you and keep you moving forward. Do not choose companions who are less concentrated than you are, for they will take things away from you. They will dilute your focus. They will confuse you. They will generate uncertainty within you, cloud your vision and erode your ability to stay concentrated on your path in life. There are many of these people, and many of them are very charming and lovable, but you must choose your companions wisely. You will not go any further than the weakest relationship that you cherish."[4]

"If you choose to have weaker companions, make sure that they are committed to the truth so that they may benefit from your presence. Then, whatever you give to them will bear fruit and will be carried on." [4]

"Knowledge will lead you to those individuals who can become the real companions in your life, companions in a greater endeavor in life. These relationships transcend the personal emphasis that people give in their relationships. These are greater relationships where devotion and commitment, deeper understanding and greater validation can be found. You will need these companions because you cannot learn The Greater Community Way of Knowledge alone, for the truth is you are not alone."[8]

"Life is bringing you back into relationship with yourself, with others, with the world and with God. How can you advance if you refuse to enter relationship, to share your understanding, to have your errors corrected and to enter into a different and greater venture that far exceeds what you alone can know and understand as an individual?" [8]

"At times you will feel lonely and isolated. However, you will find, even at the outset, that you will have companions. They will share their difficulties with you, and you will share your difficulties with them, for you are both experiencing difficulty being in the world."[9]

"This steers you away from people who are not experiencing this and towards those who share your journey. Some of them will only go a short way with you; others will travel with you for a lifetime. You need to be with these people because they will assist and aid you. They will challenge you to go forward. They will help you when you fall back. They, too, are experiencing a great movement in their lives. They, too, are trying to sort things out. They, too, are coming to terms with their own compromises and are realizing their own denial. They, too, must find a way to change the direction, course and activity of their lives. These people will help you even if they are only with you temporarily." [9]

"You will also need some great companions. Here you will have to alter what you value in people because the wonderful, the beautiful, the charming, the exciting and the unusual are not what you will seek. Perhaps these represent your former interests in people and the criteria upon which you based your attractions. This will all have to change. Again, you will have to wait for a deeper response. You will have to evaluate people differently, which is different from judging them. You will want to learn what people are capable of and what their inclinations are if you are interested in being in relationship with them. Even with those with whom you feel a spiritual resonance, you must find out if they are able to participate with you and if you have a sufficient degree of compatibility." [10]

Companions and one's role in the world

"This is a time to directly participate, and this will require a special preparation, great companions and a decision on your part to participate in the world’s emergence into the Greater Community, to participate in the unification of human society and to participate in the reclamation of your physical environment in ways that are specific to your nature and deeper inclinations." [5]

"To meet a great need, you need great incentive.You need great preparation and you need great companions." [11]


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