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"Ambivalence is a sure sign that you are not engaged with Knowledge, for at the level of Knowledge, things are either a yes or a no. What is possible, what is a maybe in life, these things are diminished here, for they rob energy from you. They waste your time. They waste your focus. They waste your health."[1]


"Your prison cell door is open and has been all along. But are you willing to venture out of the seeming security of your bondage? Many people will stay right where they are because things are familiar, even if these things create intolerable circumstances. And some even think that their bondage is spiritually important as if they must stay to work through some aggravation within their nature, when in reality, God is calling them to step out and step away and move forward. You will hear every kind of excuse and every kind of justification for people staying in a state of bondage. You will feel their ambivalence. Even if they are drawn to the truth, they are afraid of it. And the strength of their fear can overcome their natural inclinations." [2]



"Everything that happens in nature is necessary. When you feel this necessity, which is something that most people avoid, then your decisions will become much clearer, and you will be able to escape the dreadful curse of ambivalence that casts people adrift and neutralizes their greater motivations and inclinations."[3]

"This is why what is easy seems difficult. To follow what is easy, you must become simple and find escape from the complexities of your life that only keep you chained to the past and to a state of ambivalence." [4]

"Nobody likes to work too hard, but what is too hard? Does it not take more effort and energy to maintain confusion and ambivalence than it does to dedicate yourself to something? The cost of ambivalence is dreadful. It leads to mental and physical illness. It leads to an inability to be in relationship and to communicate effectively."[5]

In Separation

"The fact is that your permanent home, permanent creation, is in many ways incompatible with your experience of the physical reality. And this incompatibility leads to certain kinds of conflicts in understanding and difficult problems and questions. At the level of consciousness, it comes down to your ambivalence about God. Fundamentally, you still really want to be in this reality. You are still attached to being here. You are still wanting things from this. You are still hoping it will work out, that it will be better this time."[6]

In the Light of the Revelation

"Certainly, there will be much resistance to these words, to this understanding. People will react. They will reject it. They will complain. They will accuse it of being false. They will say it comes from demons. They will say it is deceptive. They will project all of their fears upon it. They will project all of their confusion upon it. They will project their desire for separation upon it. They will defend their ideas. They will defend their beliefs. They will defend their traditions. They will be indignant. They will be outraged. They will call God’s Messenger a devil. They will say he is the Antichrist. They will say that he is the Dark Lord. They will say all kinds of ridiculous things, afraid, unable to respond. And it is their ambivalence regarding God that is the core problem."[6]


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