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"Does it not take more effort and energy to maintain confusion and ambivalence than it does to dedicate yourself to something?"

Sources of Confusion

"People will be confused as to who to listen to. They will be confused by the Voice of the Revelation. For there are many voices speaking to humanity at this time—voices from the Greater Community, voices from the Intervention, voices in your own mind, voices that haunt you, voices that delight you.But there is only one Voice of the Revelation, and We are that one Voice." [1]

"If what you have is not meeting your need, then having more will only compound your confusion and dilemma." [2]

"All happiness emanates from the fulfillment of your purpose in the world. All sadness, anger and confusion result from the denial of this purpose." [3]

"Evil exists in the realm of the mind and expresses itself in the realm of the body. It does not exist in the realm of Being or God. It represents profound confusion of mind, and it must be recognized as an operative force in the world." [4]

"If you engage with the wrong people, it will undermine your health and well-being and will bring you back into confusion and disorientation." [5]

Confusion in a Changing World

"If you do not have the strength or courage to do this, you will just stand where you are, becoming increasingly full of anxiety and confusion, increasingly worried, increasingly frustrated and compulsive until your circumstances just fall away and erode your life, like a person who is standing on a slowly shrinking island or in a boat that is taking on water increasingly." [6]

"Passing through these great thresholds engenders a great deal of change. Change is a process of giving something up and acquiring something new. It has stages. Change begins with the recognition of a need and is then followed by a recognition that change must occur both in your inner and outer life. Then there is undergoing the change itself, which leaves you in a state of unknowing and confusion because you are entering into a new arena, and you don’t know what you are doing, why you are doing it, where you are, and so forth. Next, there is abiding with the change without certainty of the result. Then, there is the confirmation of the change once the change has truly been made and you have reached a point of no return where you cannot go back."[7]

"Around you there will be increasing discord, anger, frustration, chaos and confusion. People will be upset. People will be enraged. People will be living in anxiety. People will be having great difficulty. Here you can only look to other individuals who are responding with Knowledge and to Knowledge within yourself, for around you everyone else will be panicking or will be trying to fool themselves" [8]

"You are now facing a deception that is doubly difficult to discern because of the Intervention’s intentions to deceive and because of the difficulty and confusion that human beings themselves have sown around this most fundamental and consequential event." [9]

"This is not a time for confusion, ambivalence or complacency. This is a time to meet a greater challenge. This is a time to prepare yourself for things you cannot even comprehend. This is a time to follow Knowledge and to regain your true power and direction, which are yours to reclaim and which are needed now for you to begin the preparation." [10]

Knowledge in the Face of Confusion

"Find Knowledge and you will find your way. Avoid Knowledge and you will remain in confusion and fantasy. Follow The Way of Knowledge and you will build the foundation of your life." [5]

"Knowledge is not burdened with your ideals, your confusion, your conflicting goals, your assessments, your attachments, your condemnation or your frustrations. That is why Knowledge is the source of your certainty and direction in life. It is the source of all your giving because it is the part of you that is an extension of God." [11]

"When you think of work, think of what you must do to maintain financial stability, to maintain your primary relationships which require time and effort, to maintain adequate health so that your body can serve you and to further your spiritual growth. All of these require work. They require effort, direction and determination. This does not leave a lot of time for confusion or ambivalence or wandering around aimlessly. Now you do not have time for things that only frustrate and confuse you because you have a greater set of needs, and these provide definition for you and give your life direction." [12]

"You do not want to cause pain in someone you love. Here it is necessary to come back to Knowledge. Knowledge navigates through all these difficult challenges, all these difficult turns, all these difficult obstructions and all this confusion of mind. If you are with Knowledge, you follow the way through the maze of human complexity." [13]

"When you concentrate your mind, you become free of the many little preoccupations that require great amounts of energy but provide little value. You become free of the distractions of the world because you do not have time for them, and you do not choose to devote your energy to them. You become free of your own confusion and ambivalence because you don’t have time for these either. You become free of disabling relationships because you recognize they will take you nowhere and will rob you of your vitality and direction." [14]

Hiding in Confusion

"Some people are greatly invested in confusion so that they won’t have to commit themselves to anything. To them, commitment is pain and confusion is a kind of relief even though it produces no value. Here the emphasis needs to move away from survival to achievement, which is a revolution that takes place within the mind." [15]

"Do not say that everything that happened was for your good when, in fact, it generated considerable confusion and misery for you. Accept the fact that it generated considerable confusion and misery and be determined to derive some value from it so that you will not have to repeat that error again." [16]

"What do you tell yourself? This is a good starting point. If you tell yourself that what you want is what is true, then you will believe it and try to convince others as well. When you fail to do so, you can either be disappointed in them or you will enter confusion yourself. You are in conversation with yourself all the time. You are telling yourself things; you are explaining things to yourself; you are analyzing; you are coming to conclusions; you are changing your conclusions, and you are fortifying what you know already." [17]

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