Belief in God

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Belief in God

“The attempt to define God is the attempt to make God concrete. This is an attempt to make God fit in with your ideas.” [1]

"Believing in God may be preliminary to knowing God, but believing and knowing are not the same. Many people claim they believe in God, either because they believe or because they are afraid not to believe. However, to know God is to come into relationship with God." [2]

"It is the Greater Power of Knowledge—the mystery, the evidence of things unseen—that must be the focus of your faith, that must be the heart of your religion, that must be the source of your encouragement, your wisdom and your guidance." [3]

"If God speaks again, who can respond? If God shows things that have never been shown before, who is willing to see this? If God defies religious belief and expectations, who has the courage and the humility to be prepared to receive this? If God calls you to a higher service and position in life, who is willing to undergo this process of change, a process they cannot control and cannot even really understand? Who is willing and able to do this?" [4]

Proof of God

"It could be said, for the mind’s sake, that the proof that God is real is the proof that humanity can love, that humanity can unite, that humanity has a moral foundation, that humanity is capable of compassion, that humanity can love others when others do not love back in return, that humanity cares about the future, that individuals can act in a selfless manner, that Knowledge can emerge within an individual and guide them to live a greater life of purpose and service, engendering greater happiness and satisfaction. God is realized through this evidence: that humanity has a higher spiritual nature called Knowledge and born of Knowledge, and it is this higher spiritual nature that enables individuals to act in a selfless manner, to experience love, to share a love, to contribute to others, to address the problems of the world, to serve the world. This is the proof of God." [5]


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