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"All true answers to all genuine questions are some form of preparation."[1]

"To answer the fundamental questions of life, you must reach the vantage point where the answer is self-evident."[2]


"Questions are important, but you are only in a position now to have them partially answered. Yet this partial answer will give you what you need in order to proceed with certainty and strength."[2]

"You have come from a place of absolute reality where there are no questions and the answer is fully experienced to a place where there are innumerable questions and no apparent answers and, therefore, no foundation for true experience."[2]

"Life is not about having answers. You already have plenty of answers, and they have not answered your deeper needs. So having answers cannot be the emphasis. Experience must be the emphasis. Relationships are healed through experience."[2]

"For you to be a learner, you must not content yourself with answers. You must seek real comprehension. Comprehension involves both intellectual understanding and the experience of affinity or knowing. Here knowing is the most important, and intellectual comprehension is secondary."[2]

“Within this book, We are not giving you all the answers. We are not telling you everything, for there are certain things that you must find out about on your own. For We do not want to engender belief. We want to engender Knowledge.” [3]

Answers from beyond our ken

"It is easier to recognize a military confrontation than it is to recognize the hidden intent of those who come seeming to bear gifts and answers and the marvels of technology."[4]

The technological answer

"The answer will not happen at the level of technology. It will happen at the level of the mind and consciousness."[5]

"Do not look to the experts to give you the answer. You must find the answer yourself because the experts may not know and may not want to know."[5]

Questions for the Allies of Humanity

The Allies of Humanity "are not here to answer every question that you may have, but instead to give you an awareness of what is really occurring in the world today and also to dispel much of the fanciful speculation that surrounds the prospect of humanity encountering other forms of intelligent life."[5]

"We cannot answer every question and indeed it is not answers that you need as much as the inner conviction to see, to know and to act."[6]

“We cannot answer all of your questions. You must find the means to gain the answers for yourselves. But you cannot do this without a preparation, and you cannot do this without an orientation.”[7]


“There are many questions, however, that cannot be answered, for you do not know enough about life in the Greater Community, and you are not yet confident that you have the ability to counteract these influences.”[8]

“We know that the answers to these questions will generate more questions. And many of these cannot be answered, perhaps even for a long time. The wise anywhere must live with questions that they cannot yet answer. It is through their patience and their perseverance that real answers emerge and that they are able to experience them and embody them.”[8]

"Though you have many questions about life in the Greater Community and the reality of the Intervention itself, many questions that even we cannot answer successfully, you can still see clearly what is happening and mount the necessary effort to resist it."[9]


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