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"Only God knows what is coming over the horizon, and only God can prepare you for this completely. You may recognize certain solutions to aspects of the world’s problems, but you cannot prepare yourself for the Great Waves of change or for your encounter with intelligent life in the universe." [1]

"No one is going to come and rescue you. There is no returning to a golden age in the past. There is no magic formula or secret technology or extraterrestrial gift that is going to take this challenge away from you. Give up demanding solutions and face reality. You are living at the end of the age of indulgence and now must enter the age of human unity and cooperation. The age of indulgence is coming to an end, and for many it will be overwhelming. Do not be overwhelmed. For many it will be a disaster. Do not allow yourself to go through that disaster. For many it will be such a profound disappointment that they will not know what to do. Do not be amongst their number."[2]


"The man or woman of Knowledge is not insisting on solutions, but instead watching and encouraging positive behavior, positive awareness, positive actions, but not reliant on hope alone, for hope is too weak, too easily shattered, too easily diminished and deflated." [3]

"If you are frightened and panicked, you will do extreme and unwise things. You have to face great danger with courage and with as much objectivity as you can muster. This requires the power of Knowledge within yourself. " [4]

"Pay attention to what the world is telling you, but do not come to immediate conclusions. Do not look for simple answers. Do not demand solutions. For the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world and humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community are problems you will have to live with." [5]

"Therefore, the first great challenge facing you is to face the great challenge—without insisting upon solutions, without fighting against the truth of what you know and what you see, without blaming other people or expecting someone else to take care of the problem for you. Everyone must take responsibility in how they live, in how they think, in what they do, in the decisions before them today, and in the decisions that they will have to face in the future." [6]

Major Challenges

The Greater Community

"Your freedom and your self-determination within [the Greater Community] will require that humanity be self-sufficient and responsible for establishing its own solutions to difficult problems here on Earth." [7]

"The Allies Briefings emphasize the grave danger in our accepting and becoming reliant upon ET technology offered by the Intervention. This will only lead to our becoming dependent on the “visitors,” resulting in our loss of freedom and self-sufficiency. No true ally of humanity would offer this to us. The Allies emphasize that we have earth-based solutions to all the problems that we face. What we lack as a race is unity, will and cooperation."[8]

The Great Waves of Change

"How will you face the Great Waves of change? How can you bring and restore greater balance in the natural world for your benefit? The answer is beyond your intellect though you may have very good ideas, and there are many solutions that are being proposed that will be very helpful over all if brought together and if utilized fully, but really the answer to these questions has to go deeper than the intellect, deeper into you. It is not a problem for other people to solve for you. It is a problem for everyone. It is not merely a problem for governments, or for science, or for politicians. It is a problem for everyone." [9]

The Need for Knowledge

"If you are really honest, you will have to see you do not have an answer, that your intellect alone cannot solve everything here. If you are honest and allow your feelings to emerge, you will see that already you sense the approach of great change in the world. The mind does not want to suffer, so it creates convenient solutions, convenient conclusions and simple explanations." [10]

"Knowledge is the most powerful force in the universe. But it is only known to a few, and it cannot be used and manipulated by the deceptive, the corrupt or the unwise. With it, you would be able to discern the nature and intentions of any who visit your world. You would be able to discern, in accordance with others, in alliance with others, all the solutions that humanity will need to bring to bear to meet its great challenge in facing the Great Waves of change." [11]

"Here the man or woman of Knowledge is not insisting on solutions, but instead watching and encouraging positive behavior, positive awareness and positive actions. But they are not reliant on hope alone, for hope is too weak, too easily shattered, too easily diminished and deflated. Their power is the power of Knowledge—a power that does not diminish in the face of difficulty or uncertainty, a power that is not undermined by tragedy or crisis. They will see clearly and respond appropriately to the changing situations that they see immediately around them and in the world at large. For they are not afraid to look and to see because Knowledge is their power." [3]


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