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"No one is going to come and rescue you, and those that claim to be here to do so will be your greatest danger." [1]

"Your allies are not going to come and rescue you by force.
We have spent a very long time securing our position in the Greater Community, building up our insulation and our anonymity, maintaining our connections with one another, building our strength and our discernment, our unity and our self-sufficiency.
We would not threaten all of this to rescue a weak and divided race, regardless of its great talents and potential. It is humanity that must gain this strength, this faith and this determination. If it does not do this now, it will not do this in the future. The power of Knowledge within you will guide you and lead you to do this as an individual and as part of a greater effort. [2]

The deception

"The visitors will cast themselves as saviors and rescuers of humanity." [3]

"The Intervention is here to cast persuasion over the world, to gain control of the minds and hearts of people. It is doing this by offering people incredible promises of salvation and free energy, promising humanity peace and equanimity, offering advanced technology in order for humanity to become dependent on these foreign powers." [4]

The Collectives
"recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the human family and your tendency towards conflict. They recognize that to gain human allegiance, which is their goal, they must present themselves as capable of assisting and even saving humanity from its own problems and from the great challenges that it now faces. The Intervention will present itself, therefore, in a more enlightened form—as spiritual agents, as those who have overcome war and conflict, who live in peace and who have achieved technology that humanity can now use and, indeed, now needs in order to rescue its environment and to bring a cessation of conflict in the world.
Yet this all represents deception, for the Collectives actually seek to increase human conflict, to weaken the strongest worldly powers and to gain allegiance through human failure—allegiance and a reliance upon their presence. [5]

The reality

"There are no heroes here. There is no one to worship. There is a foundation to be built. There is work to be done. There is a preparation to undergo. And there is a world to serve.” [6]

"Your environment will deteriorate to a very great degree, bringing about international crisis.This will require cooperation and will require citizens everywhere to become actively engaged in the maintenance—indeed, even the rescue—of your planet." [7]

The desire for rescue

"People would want the Allies to be many things. They would want the Allies to be saviors. They would want the Allies to be rescuers. They would want the Allies to intervene and prevent any other Greater Community force from having access to your world. And people will feel, perhaps, like they have been betrayed or let down because the Allies are not here to protect humanity. But think about this. If the Allies were here to protect humanity, they would have to continue to protect humanity, which would require them, in effect, to take control of your world. All governments in your world would then have to be coordinated with the activities of the Allies. This then would lead to your loss of freedom, even loss of freedom to a friend." [8]

"You are the indigenous peoples of a world that is being visited for the purpose of conquest and domination. How will you respond? The choice is yours. We can only advise. No one in the Greater Community is going to come and rescue you. The Wise do not do that. Perhaps you question this and say, “Why not?” You must trust us in this matter because should we intervene in a military fashion, should we gather the strength to do that, our worlds would be jeopardized. We would be functioning outside our jurisdiction, violating the rules of conduct of that jurisdiction. Can you see this? Even so, if humanity is to become strong and independent in the universe, it must establish its own strength and independence. It cannot be rescued." [9]

"The superstitions and the fears of the world may make our message beyond the reach for many. But the promise is still there. To give you more, we would have to take over your world, which we do not want to do. Therefore, we give all that we can give without interfering in your affairs. Yet there are many who want interference. They want to be rescued or saved by someone else. They do not trust the possibilities for humanity. They do not believe in humanity’s inherent strengths and capabilities. They will give over their freedom willingly. They will believe what they are told by the visitors. And they will serve their new masters, thinking that what they are being given is their own liberation."[10]

"If you believe or pray that another nation will come to save you, you will be saved by another nation that has helped lead you into your current and future state of decline. You will be playing into the plans that have been sown and laid for you. What nation would come to defend your world and to guide your leaders if they did not have the intention of establishing themselves there? No nation, no free nation, would risk its anonymity to do this or to put itself in direct opposition to nations that are not free, to risk war and the destruction of all that they have established to build their immunity, their discretion and their freedom from the Greater Community at large. It is a fool’s trap. You do not yet see that those who would come to save you are but the competitors of those who seem to threaten you, or even in some cases, are working in concert with them. One will weaken you. The other will seem to rescue you. And all of this behavior will be done in compliance with what is allowed as long as humanity does not show significant resistance to the presence of foreign races.... Your true friends in the Greater Community will not try to take over your world." [2]

The Greater Community

Prayers answered

"Take heart. You have great allies. Great things are asked of you to learn, but you have great assistance. Take heart. You are being called out of ordinary circumstances, ordinary awareness and ordinary preoccupations. Be grateful. You are being rescued from a deadly mediocrity. You are being given a real opportunity here. If you can receive this and begin to make progress as a student of Knowledge, then those forces within the world and beyond that can help you will take a greater and greater role in your life." [11]

"You are preparing to be in a world in great transition. It is not a world where everything will be torn apart. It is not a world where nature will destroy itself or the world will be dashed and devastated. It is not a world where angels will come and rescue humanity. Leave these fantasies and these fearful and hopeful dreams aside. Be clear, open and honest. Be attentive to what is happening so that you may see things as they really are and experience their reality." [12]

"We introduce the idea of the Unseen Ones to you so that you will know that you are not alone and that your life has great assistance. You can rely on a greater Wisdom to help you proceed, both within yourself, in your Knowledge, and beyond yourself, in the Unseen Ones and your Spiritual Family. They will enable you to find the way to strengthen yourself. However, they will not rescue you from every bad decision that you make. They will not spare you the expense of your errors. And they will not cushion every blow. But they will not punish you either. They will not reprimand you. They will only give their influence and their counsel. If you can feel this, be receptive to it and value it more than your personal wishes, then you will be their beneficiary. In this, they will be confirmed, and so will you." [11]

"The Greater Power offers you more than simply a lifesaver to rescue you from your own catastrophes. Much more is offered." [13]

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