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"The imagination can only consider things in time, in physical reality. That is why it cannot conceive of peace. It cannot conceive of true equanimity. It cannot conceive of true happiness. It cannot conceive of pure relationship. For these things are forever.” [1]

"You will realize that it is but your adherence to your own thoughts that holds you back. It is your interest in your own imagination that holds you back. This will lighten your burden, and you will realize that a true choice is available."[2]

"On the road to greater assumptions you may have garnered great rewards for yourself, but that leads in another direction from the road to Knowledge, where all things that are unreal are relinquished and all things that are genuine are embraced. The road to Knowledge is not a road that people have imagined for themselves, for it is not born of imagination."[3]

"Without judgment and evaluation, you will see through all fearful appearances that the world may present to you. You will see through all fearful appearances that your imagination may present to you, for all fearful appearances are born of and substantiated by imagination."[4]

Imagination and Revelation

"The Revelation is too great to understand. You can only understand how it can be experienced and expressed in the tangible world. You cannot even imagine what is beyond the tangible world, for your imagination is only equipped with what your senses have provided you thus far." [5]

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"It is not imagination that bridges the gap. It is following a deeper authority that is beyond your control. You cannot use it to get what you want."[6]

Negative Imagination

"FEAR THAT IS BORN OF NEGATIVE IMAGINATION comprises the vast majority of the fear with which you entertain yourself. This you must learn to counteract, for it is an inappropriate use of your mind. Here you create an experience for yourself, experience it and then call it reality. Meanwhile, you have not been present with life at all. You have merely been in fantasy within yourself. Negative imagination drains you emotionally, physically and mentally. It can be escalated to such heights that it can dominate your thinking altogether. For how else can you be separate in the universe except in your own thoughts? You cannot actually be separate from God. You cannot actually be separate from Knowledge. You can only hide in your own thoughts and weave them together to create a separate identity and experience for yourself which, though quite demonstrative, are in fact completely an illusion."[7]

"Let not fear or anxiety dissuade you. Remember, this is your negative imagination only. Only Knowledge can indicate if you are doing something inappropriate, and that will only be in the face of immediate events. You will find that this is quite different from negative imagination and will require a different response from you."[7]

"If your mind is not serving the Divine, then it is attempting to serve its own ideas because in the universe there is only God and there is individual imagination. Individual imagination is serving ideas that are not real. Individual imagination is temporary thinking without foundation. This is not to say that imagination is bad, it is only to say that it is being misused. Nothing in you is bad; it is only being misused. The body is not bad; it is neutral. Its value is determined by what it serves. If it only serves the mind’s imagination, it will be chaotic, destructive and disappointing. Yet if it serves the Divine, it becomes Divine in its service."[8]

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