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"There is great joy. It lives within you and lives in your genuine relationships with others. This joy is born of gratitude, service and recognition. It is not the kind of joy one has by having immediate sensations of delight. It is more a joy that a miracle is happening in you life, and you are bearing witness to it. For all the work that must be done along the way, there are these moments of confirmation. That is what they are." [1]

"We wish for you all to receive the joy that awaits you. In our world, there is joy. There are very few in this world who can contain the joy that we feel. We are not bound by what cannot succeed. We are not hopeless. We are not alone." [2]

"If you are not experiencing joy and gratitude on a regular basis, you are disassociated from your real life and existence here, and you have let the trials of the world and your own disappointments in little things overtake you."[3]


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