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"If you say that God is the cause of all that happens, then there is no human responsibility and accountability. Then God is the cause and is responsible for all the misery and suffering in the world and for all the misfortune that occurs, even under normal circumstances."[1]


Ideas about providence

"Do not think that God will just intervene and fix everything for humanity, for this does not happen in life."[2]

"You may then say, 'Why worry? Why bother? I won’t worry about it. I won’t think about it. God will take care of everything.' God has sent you to take care of everything. Do not sit back and think that the Divine will come and save you. You have come to help save the world." [3]

"People look to the Heavens wanting to have dispensations to try to fulfill their desires, ambitions and needs, but God is providing what is really essential. For God knows why you are here, why you were sent and what it will require of you to face a changing world and the Great Waves of change." [4]

"Many people misunderstand what Providence really means. They think that if they are faithful then God will help them, and if they are not faithful then God will not help them. Many people believe that if they adhere to a particular faith tradition then God will give favor to them, will rescue them from harm, or will alleviate their suffering, or the suffering of their loved ones." [1]

"People think God is the author of everything that happens in the world. That cannot be a loving God. That cannot be a wise God. That cannot be a compassionate God. With children dying of cancer and nations of people starving to death and civil war and strife arising with increasing frequency, do you make God the author of these things? You certainly could not trust such a God. You certainly could not love such a God. You certainly could not follow such a God." [5]

"People love the idea of a God out there that will throw them a life preserver when they are drowning, but the idea that God will interfere in their life and show them something they really don’t want to see, well, that is really a test of faith, isn’t it? That is exactly what is happening today."[6]

Divine intervention

"God is not watching over you, judging you, or writing down in a book your good deeds versus your bad deeds. The God of the universe is not consumed with your personal behavior, for the God of the universe is the Author of countless races of beings in countless environments with countless differences between them. There is not one standard that holds true for all of life in the entire universe."[1]

"God does not have to manage your life. God does not have to manage the affairs of this world. And God does not control the weather and the sequence of events, for that is all in motion. That was set in motion at the beginning of time, and it is still in motion and will be in motion for as long as you can imagine.[7]

"God must enter a world where God is not welcome, in ways that do not generate fear and panic amongst those who believe the world is their only reality. It is for this reason that the Will of God manifests itself in subtle and ingenious ways in this world." [8]

"Nobody wants a savior until they are desperate. Nobody wants freedom until they feel they are truly imprisoned. If God answered all your prayers, you would have to allow God to take over your life. God will not do that." <[9]

In the form of guidance

"It [the New Message from God] will reveal the meaning of life in the universe. It will reveal what is coming over the horizon of your life and of the whole world. It will reveal the true nature of human spirituality at a higher level, at a level called Knowledge. It will reveal what humanity must learn to create real cooperation here on Earth and to end its ceaseless conflicts and its terrible plundering of the world. For this is the only world you will have that can sustain you. The universe around you will not be yours to conquer or to explore beyond this solar system. There are great dangers there, of which humanity knows nothing at all. It is still looking through primitive eyes, the eyes of ignorance and hopeful expectation. It does not know what it is dealing with in a Greater Community of life in the universe. God must now provide this, at least sufficiently, so humanity can prepare and act with wisdom and concern for the future, rather than merely acting out of expediency for the moment." [10]

"You may pray urgently to God for salvation, for guidance, for redemption and for protection, but God has already given you a perfect guiding intelligence. Whether you are a part of a religion or not, whether you practice a faith tradition or not, wherever you live, whatever your culture, whatever your financial position, you have the great endowment living within you." [11]

"God is like the air you breathe. God is everywhere. God is communicating with you through Knowledge, and God is giving you signs and messages. God is speaking to you through Knowledge. God is telling you which way to go, what to do and what not to do, where to give yourself, where not to give yourself, what will lead to a good outcome and what will lead to calamity. This is Providence." [1]

"The world contains a set of forces that are working on their own. God is here to teach you how to negotiate these forces and how to utilize them effectively. God is not pulling all the strings, determining everything that is happening to you today and everything that will happen tomorrow. The world is in motion, and all the myriad forces within its mental and physical environments are in motion. God is involved in present time in the world without controlling everything. Rarely is there direct intervention. When this happens, it happens because it is welcome, because it is needed and because it would further restore relationship to the person or persons receiving it. Beyond this, God lets everything happen." [9]

"For God thinks of the future and not just the present, the well-being of people in times to come, not merely those who exist today. So the Revelation must answer questions that have not even been considered and must prepare humanity for the next great stage of its evolution." [12]

Providence in a declining world

"This world is prized by others for its natural wealth, for its abundance, for its diversity, for its natural resources. Already intervention is underway because humanity is destroying the wealth of the world as if you had no future, as if tomorrow were unimportant—devouring the world as quickly as possible, using its resources as quickly as possible, with no thought of tomorrow or what the future will bring or require. What can God do for such a race but provide the Revelation that is being provided now?"[13]

The gift of the Revelation

"God has provided the Steps to Knowledge, this greater power and strength that is uncorrupted by the world, that the world cannot tarnish. You can lose sight of it, but it is always there."[14]

"God is giving you the tools and the supplies to build your foundation—to teach you how to honor your deeper experience; to be truly honest with yourself; to teach you how to look with clear eyes, with compassion; to teach you how to give up condemnation, resentment and admonition against others, which can only blind you and prevent you from seeing and understanding what is happening around you."[14]


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