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"Stability and security must become the emphasis."[1]

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"The emphasis in the world is still on growth, on expansion. Whole economic systems are based upon growth and access to ever-greater amounts of resources. This cannot continue. That is why the change at hand is so monumental, so fundamental and far-reaching.

Humanity will have to enter a different kind of paradigm, a different kind of emphasis overall that will have to be on stability and security, for you have reached the limits of what growth can produce.

While there may be certain new industries that grow and expand, humanity’s overall use of the world cannot grow. It will have to find new resources, of course. But the whole emphasis will have to change."[1]

"Governments will have to face the emphasis of taking care of their own people instead of trying to exert influence or dominance over other peoples and nations."[1]

"There must be a change of heart, a change in the way people live, particularly amongst the wealthy nations—an emphasis on simplicity, an emphasis on self-sufficiency.

As energy resources decline or become more unavailable, people will have to become more regional and local in their emphasis, which means their resources will have to come from sources that are closer at hand. This is a complete change in emphasis for many nations in the world today. This will be driven not by ethics or morality as much as by absolute necessity."[1]


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