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"They still think it is all about economic policy. They still think it is all about what goes on in the marketplace, the marketplace that assumes that resources are unlimited, that it is all a matter of negotiation and policy."[1]

"In the future, economies will have to be based upon stability. You will not be able to profit off of growth, as is the emphasis now. There will not be an emphasis on unearned wealth, as there is now. You cannot speculate endlessly, as it is occurring now."[1]

"There are more financial storms to come as humanity faces the reality of diminishing resources, escalating the cost of everything. What will you do when petroleum becomes three times as expensive as it is today? How will your nations function? How will people get around? What kind of businesses can survive in that environment?"[1]

Financial Transparency

"Financial systems will have to be simple and transparent. If they are clever and deceptive, it will only breed further instability and breakdown. Attempts will be made, of course, to speculate endlessly with clever devices—people seeking unearned wealth, fabulous wealth, all trying to protect what they have. They will attempt to do this through clever and deceptive means, but it will only create further financial storms."[1]

Boundaries of Growth

"Economies of the world are based on growth, but you are hitting the boundaries of growth, for you are facing a world of declining resources, a world of changing and violent weather, a world where food production and the availability of water will diminish, a world where a growing humanity will have to drink from a slowly shrinking well. The emphasis now cannot be on growth and expansion and profiting off of this. It must be on stability and security."[1]

Economic contraction

"Now you are facing a financial contraction and corrections of a very severe magnitude."[2]


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