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"You are a citizen of your world. From a Greater Community perspective, you are not an American or a Chinese. You are not an Indian or a Russian or a Polynesian. You are a citizen of one world." [1]

"The Greater Community is your new home. It is not new, but it is your new home while you are in the world. You do not live in a village any more, a little municipality or even one nation alone anymore. You are a citizen of a whole world." [2]

Global Cooperation

"You are preparing for nations within the world to meld into each other and for cultures here to clash. The future will be strife ridden and very difficult. No longer will nations be able to mind their own business and avoid each other, for if one nation fails, others will be impacted. If one nation destroys its environment, other cultures will feel the full impact of this. Greater and greater world cooperation will be needed and required. You will not see all of this in your lifetime, for you are in the early part of the transition, but what you contribute here now will determine the quality of life for your children and for the generations to come."[3]

"Your lack of unity makes you weak and vulnerable and pliable to intervention and manipulation. Casting one nation against another, intervening forces can generate more human conflict, can stimulate further human conflict, thus weakening the strongest nations of the world. And this is indeed what has occurred and is occurring even at this moment." [4]

"Eventually, even independent nations find themselves becoming interdependent with other nations—through trade and commerce, through the sharing of resources, through greater alliances and so forth. Ultimately, the nations of the world will have to achieve a very high state of interdependence if they are to survive the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world—environmental degradation; diminishing resources; the loss of food production; the changing climate and violent weather; the threat of pandemic illness; and the threats of growing conflict, competition and war." [5]

"Nations within your world now must work together for the security of the world. Here again, stability and security become the overriding emphasis. Ancient animosities and hatred between nations and tribes must all be moderated so as not to break out into war or destroy the world’s resources." [6]

Economic Conquest

"Conquest today is economic conquest. That is how nations are brought under control—under foreign control and dependence. They are brought into a world system of finance and become reliant upon that. And then an individual nation’s sovereignty and independence is overridden by the requirement for resources from beyond their region. This is precisely how the Greater Community works in this region of space."[7]

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"Think of the history of humanity and its great battles, its great conquests and how utterly destructive this has been—that so many people should sacrifice so that a few may enrich themselves." [8]

"When empires are built and other nations are exploited, this leads to war." [9]

“With war and conflict, humanity will weaken and further its own decline. Should this be continued, there will be no winners. There will be no victorious nations or groups, for the world will decline. Then everyone will lose security. Then everyone will become weaker and more vulnerable to powers and influences from beyond the world who are determined to gain access and control here.” [10]

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