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"The only thing really fundamental within you is Knowledge because it is the only thing that is permanent within you."[1]

"This lesson is fundamental. If you can understand this question, if you can penetrate its seeming mystery, you will understand the nature of human suffering and disability, and you will see clearly where the answer resides.” [2]

"Trust is a very fundamental issue and one you are probably familiar with."[3]

"You do not have much time in this world, my friends. You really do not. Life is short here. Your vitality is limited. It is very important that you seek some very fundamental things and not try to have all of these experiences that seem to be so alluring."[4]

"You must cultivate Knowledge, the ability and the foundation to know within your own mind. It is fundamental to everything we teach and advocate."[4]

"The fundamental understanding is the realization that you are already part of something that is established."[5]


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