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"The need of the soul does not change. The direction of Knowledge does not change. The urge for greater freedom, for inner freedom now as well as outer freedom, does not diminish."[1]

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Fulfilling the need of the soul

"Religion is a pathway to an intellectual dead end, or it is a pathway to the discovery of the soul, and the great need of the soul to fulfill its mission and destiny in the world, in service to humanity and in service to the world."[2]

"The need of the soul is for you to recognize, to experience and to express a greater purpose in life and to adopt the life and the associations that will make this discovery and expression possible. Nothing else will satisfy the deeper need of the soul."[3]

"The need of the soul can only be fulfilled by carrying out your greater purpose in life and making your rendezvous with those individuals who share this purpose and who will play a part in its discovery and expression."[4]

"The need of the soul to find its purpose and fulfill it in the world, within the circumstances of the world. This is what reestablishes your divine nature. This is what fulfills your commitment to God. This is what ends conflict within you. This is where your true nature becomes integrated. This is where your body serves your mind and your mind serves your Spirit, as they were designed to do. This is where your life comes together. This is where you assume greater responsibilities. This is what satisfies the need of the soul." [5]

"The power of Knowledge lives within you. And you can amplify this power in others by sharing the great faith with them, by sharing the New Message from God with them, which speaks of this great faith and emphasizes its vital importance both now and in the future. This is the Power of God within you. This is your connection [to God]. This is what will fulfill the deeper need of your soul, which goes unsatisfied by all the pleasures and excitements of the world. For it [the soul] needs to realize its purpose and to fulfill it here in the world. That is the great need of your soul. And that need can be satisfied even if civilizations are clashing, even if all hope seems to be lost in the minds and hearts of people around you.[6]

Competing needs

"The needs of the mind, many of which are really not authentic to begin with, compete and obscure the deeper need of the soul. People do not realize that the need itself is genuine and authentic. At a deeper level, it is fundamental to your success and to the value of your life and your fulfillment here."[4]


"This is a dilemma for all peoples in the world—rich or poor, from any nation or culture or religious affiliation. They are not yet aware of the great need of the soul. Those few who are, are reaching within their traditions or beyond their traditions. They are reaching to find this connection inside, this connection with God, and this connection with their future and their destiny and their purpose for being in the world. Everyone else is like cattle grazing in the field, only content to have feed for the day and more pleasures for tomorrow and to be protected, either legitimately or illegitimately, from the hazards of the world." [7]

Longer quotes about the need of the soul

"There is the need for a greater kind of relationship based upon what you are really here to accomplish. That begins to move you into a higher level of need, the need of the soul—the need to find the deeper Knowledge that God has placed within you to guide you, to protect you and to lead you to a greater life within the world. There are psychological needs for creativity and productivity, for recognition from others and for honest and productive communication. To meet these needs within yourself, you must change. You have basic fundamental needs, you have psychological needs, and then you have the need of the soul. To meet these needs, you cannot be what your past has shaped you to be so far. You may want the world to change around you, and you may agitate for this, and perhaps your requests are genuine. But fundamentally you must change, or you cannot meet the needs of the body, the needs of the mind and the need of the soul. You cannot simply demand that the world gives you everything you think you want, for you do not even really know what you need beyond the basic requirements of life."[8]

"It is important for you to know, should you ever think that immortality in the physical realm is desirable, you must recognize that such a state would be Hell itself. To be in a beautiful place where you could never be happy would be extremely hellish and you would be held there for a long time because you would keep wanting it, believing in it, hoping for it and trying to make it work. The fact that your physical reality is constantly changing, expanding and evolving and is going through growth and decay gives you hope and promise that your greater purpose and the need of the soul may be fulfilled here. This requires an entirely different theological and philosophical foundation. If you believe you are in the world because you have sinned or because you have been condemned, then you will not recognize the great opportunity that exists within your reality for your redemption. Indeed, given the philosophical foundations of many of the world’s religions today, it makes this picture incredibly complex, unclear and difficult to discern."[9]

"This requires preparation, for it requires a refocusing of the mind and a reordering of one’s life and priorities, and fundamentally a deep evaluation of one’s motives, activities and associations with others. Here you naturally reach a threshold where you realize that you must carry on this deep evaluation, for you are feeling a deeper need of the soul. The deeper need of the soul is for you to find and fulfill the greater purpose that has brought you into the world and to reunite, through your deeper experience, with those who have sent you into the world and with the Creator of all life."[10]


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