The Blessing

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"Be you of any position in society, it is the same challenge. It is the same gift. It will free you internally. It will bring your life into balance. It will restore to you the greater reason you have come into this world at this time, under these circumstances—the perfect time to be here for you. It will bring an end to shame and unworthiness if you can receive, if you can follow and understand." [1]

"It is the Greater Power of Knowledge—the mystery, the evidence of things unseen—that must be the focus of your faith, that must be the heart of your religion, that must be the source of your encouragement, your wisdom and your guidance. This is the Great Faith. This is the faith that requires reinforcement. This is the faith that will ask of you to place your confidence in a greater unseen power—a power that you may only experience intermittently or even rarely. This Greater Power has been known to the true practitioners of religion throughout the ages. However, it goes unrecognized for nearly all the people today regardless of their nation or their faith tradition. This is why there is a New Message from God in the world—a Message to restore this faith, to emphasize its importance and to show you how it provides you freedom from vulnerability, freedom from anger and freedom from disappointment and disillusionment. For you may lose faith in all things seen and touched, but your faith in Knowledge must remain strong. If this can be the case, then you will be able to withstand the Great Waves of Change without losing your appreciation for your Divine nature and the Divine nature of all others who dwell here. You will be able to practice forgiveness, tolerance and restraint—things that you would lose otherwise without this Great Faith." [2]

"Those who prepare for the future will be able to avoid its dangers and its dilemmas to a very great degree." [3]

"We have often spoken about relationships, wishing to encourage people to step out of the relentless dilemma about relationships.We have given an important promise that is quite genuine: Discover your purpose and fulfill it, and all important relationships will find you." [4]


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