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“You have come into the world at a great turning point, a turning point only part of which you will see in your own lifetime. It is a turning point where your world gains contact with the worlds in its vicinity. This is the natural evolution of humanity, as it is the natural evolution of all intelligent life in all worlds.” [1]

A turning point for humanity

"Humanity has come to a great turning point. It cannot return to its former state. It cannot go backwards in history." [2]

"Many people feel there is a great movement in the world today, that [they] are at a great turning point. Some speculate that this will lead to a great disaster for humanity, others to a great awakening."[3]

"Humanity is at a great turning point where it will have to decide with an infinite number of decisions whether to pursue a course of growth and expansion, competition and conflict with other nations over who will have access to the remaining resources of the world, or whether humanity will recognize its collective plight, its shared destiny, and begin to work to build greater security for the world community itself and not just greater security for one’s own nation, tribe or group." [4]

"Humanity is facing great change in the world and also the dangers and the opportunities of encountering intelligent life in the universe. It is a great threshold where humanity’s future will be determined, whether that future be great or disastrous. This is the great turning point, you see. It is not merely life as usual. It is not merely a continuation of the past. It is a threshold. It is a threshold in your life. It is a threshold in your world. It is a threshold that will affect everything that you value and everything that you hold dear. You can feel this in your deeper nature—concern, anxiety, restlessness. Perhaps you seek escape from these things. Perhaps you will explain them away to yourself. But they are real, and they are a sign within you that you are living at a great turning point, at a great threshold. It is during this turning point where humanity’s future will be determined and where the cast will be set—either from humanity’s wisdom or from its ignorance and arrogance— that God’s Revelation has come into the world."[5]

"Humanity does not have decades and centuries to consider the meaning and the value of the Revelation, For humanity’s fate and future is at a great turning point. The decisions made today will determine the outcome of so many things. Human neglect, human irresponsibility, human denial—all these things will guarantee a far more difficult future for you and for your children and for the future generations. Human freedom and sovereignty in this world are being challenged. You cannot assume that you will have them into the future without a great preparation and determined action." [6]

The turning point in your life

"You come upon this turning point not only by discovering the emptiness of your rewards or the failure of your pursuits, but also because Heaven is calling you."[7]

"Here you must ask yourself, 'Am I living the life I was meant to live?' You must ask this continuously, you see, because it will remind you that you are undergoing a great and profound change—a change beyond the realm of the intellect, beyond your intellectual capacity, beyond your manipulation and control. Allow this change to continue."[7]

"It is a turning with many steps and stages and thresholds. It does not happen all at once in a day or a month or a year. But it must begin with this fundamental need to know your greater purpose in life and to have the inner freedom to experience and to express this."[8]


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