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"There are three stages in one’s overall development. There is dependence. There is independence. And there is interdependence." [1]

With Higher Purpose

"Relationship at the level of interdependence is rare and very special." [1]

"True interdependence is not simply interdependence between two individuals or interdependence within a spiritual community. Real interdependence is being guided by Knowledge and united with others at the level of Knowledge." [1]

"It is not only interdependence with others from a place of power and responsibility. It is interdependence with God and with those Unseen Forces who are working on behalf of the Creator of all life. They are depending upon you. You are depending upon them. They are communicating to you and through you, and they need you to become a representative of a greater power and presence in life. You need them because they are fulfilling your destiny. They are giving you power and strength and wisdom that you cannot provide for yourself." [1]

Within Oneself

"Now your body, your mind and your spirit are working in concert with one another." [1]

In Marriage

"In essence, stage one is about dependence. Stage two is about independence. And stage three is about interdependence—dependence, independence and interdependence. Marriage in stage one is about building security and reinforcing dependence. This fundamentally opposes personal honesty and the emergence of Knowledge. Marriage in stage two is more about people discovering and differentiating themselves by learning to think and act independently. This produces personal growth but makes the prospect of attaining real union and commitment in relationship very difficult to establish. Attempting marriage in the first two stages is very difficult." [2]

Among Nations

"It is true today that there are many nations that are not self-sufficient in the production of food, in the availability of water and in the manufacture of essential goods. So trade between nations and interdependence between nations is a reality and cannot be undone."[3]

"As humanity's idea of itself changes, its social institutions and structures will change as well. Fundamentally, you will begin to see yourself as a member of your world, not simply as a member of a nation or of a group or of a religion or of a culture or of an extended family or of a political persuasion. All of these things will be overshadowed by the presence of the Greater Community, which will make them increasingly insignificant. As this realization is passed from one generation to another, national interests will change, with a greater emphasis on interdependence with other nations and on mutual survival and well-being." [4]

"Ultimately, the nations of the world will have to achieve a very high state of interdependence if they are to survive the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world—environmental degradation, diminishing resources, the loss of food production, the changing of climate and violent weather, the threat of pandemic illness and the threats of growing conflict, competition and war. Only a greater interdependence can make war unnecessary—interdependence based upon fundamental mutual needs." [1]

In the Greater Community

"This is the case in nations that rely upon one another for resources. They become ever more like one another, even though they are still distinct societies. They are forced to conform to a certain degree because of their interdependence." [5]


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