Living at a time of Revelation

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The Blessing

"You are living in the time of Revelation. The Messenger is in the world. Such an event has not occurred since the days of Muhammad." [1]

"Now it is happening again, you see. You do not know how blessed you really are to live at a time of Revelation. Perhaps you think it is terrible. Perhaps you fear it. Perhaps you reject it. Perhaps it makes you angry and enraged. But you are so blessed to live at a time of Revelation." [2]

The Opportunity

"You must deal with this reality and this challenge and this great opportunity. For you are living at a time of Revelation, a time that comes around perhaps only once in a millennium. From Heaven’s view, this is a great blessing and a great opportunity for you, who will be amongst the first to hear and to receive God’s Revelation for the world and the Messenger who has been sent."[3]


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