Overlapping realities

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“The physical universe, therefore, is evolving irrespective of the evolution of sentient beings. It was set in motion to be a growing and expanding reality, and once life was able to be started within this physical reality, it has gone through its own biological process of evolution, irrespective of sentient beings. If sentient beings were no longer in this world, it would just continue along its evolutionary trajectory.” [1]

“So there are two levels of evolution here. There is the evolution of the natural world, which continues with or without you. And then there is the evolution of sentient beings, who must come and participate in the physical reality in order to overcome the desire or attachment to Separation and to provide service to those living in the physical reality. It is like parallel tracks. They both exist, but they are happening at different levels. They are all part of Creation, but they are happening at different levels. It is the level confusion that people have that leads them to make incorrect decisions and assumptions and conclusions about the meaning of existence.”[1]

"You have overlapping two different kinds of patterns. You have the pattern of evolution that humanity is just beginning to comprehend, and then you have a pattern of evolution regarding awareness and spirituality that has been set in motion and is supported by Unseen Spiritual Forces wherever intelligent life exists. One seems random and chaotic; the other is organized and purposeful. It depends upon the level of understanding and the level of reality which you will consider." [2]


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