The challenge of the new Revelation

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"Not everyone is ready to receive the New Revelation. God knows this and there is no condemnation here." [1]

"People will not understand it. People will be confused. Some people will be outraged and threatened. But God’s Revelation is not given to meet people’s expectations."[2]


Challenging people's beliefs and positions

"People reject the Revelation because they do not want to change. They do not want to have to reconsider their beliefs, their ideas and their position in society. They cannot dispute the New Message, really. They can only avoid it and contend against it to protect their previous investment and idea of themselves. Who can contend against the will and the wisdom of the Creator, except on spurious grounds?" [3]

"People will argue, of course, unwilling or unable to reconsider their position and to open themselves to the New Revelation. They think they understand God’s will and purpose for the peoples of this world. They think they understand what Revelation means and when it can occur. They think they understand. But who can understand this fully? Who has the wisdom and the breadth and the capacity to understand this fully? Surely this must exceed human comprehension. And surely there must be enough humility and honesty for people to realize that they cannot predict when and how the Creator of all the universes will speak to this one tiny little planet." [4]

"Once again, humanity is challenged with a New Revelation. Can it receive this? Can it comprehend this? Can it accept this, or will it fight and struggle and denounce and continue its violent and ignorant ways? Will the human intellect still try to replace the power of Knowledge within the individual? Will religion grow and expand, or will it contract and become self-defensive? Will people be able to change, to have a real change of heart to prepare them for the future and to assure them a greater life and a greater security in the world? These are questions that only people can answer." [5]

"People are obsessed with their needs, their issues, their longing and their desires. They do not see the movement of the world. For the world has changed, but people have not changed with it. And now you are facing a new set of realities. What will God say to this as people feel overwhelmed, as their prophecies for the future do not come true, as the return of their savior does not occur, as they believe that God is creating all these problems for them? The Revelation speaks to all these things, but you must be open to the Revelation, and you must face the prospect of great change, for it is upon you and the world, and it is going to move forward." [6]

The challenge for you

"The New Revelation is calling upon you to respond to Knowledge within yourself and to listen to the Voice of Revelation. You will have many questions, of course. You may have fears and suspicions. You may have grave doubts. That is all to be expected. But the challenge for you is, can you respond to the New Revelation? Can you hear the Voice of Revelation? Can you have the humility and the responsibility to see that you are living at a time of Revelation and what this might mean for you? What is your responsibility in this matter? What does this calling mean for you?" [7]


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