The Voice of Revelation

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Quotes about the Voice of Revelation

"The New Message comes here in a pure form, and for the first time you will be able to hear the Voice of Revelation. It was a Voice like this that spoke to Moses and Jesus, the Buddha and Muhammad and the other great Teachers who have remained hidden throughout the course of human history." [1]

"It is like the Voice that spoke to you before you came into the world, preparing you to enter this difficult and challenging environment. It is that Voice—like that Voice, like Our Voice—that brings the connection alive, that restores the primary focus and meaning of your life." [2]

"The Voice you are hearing is not of one individual, but of the Angelic Host together, speaking together, with one Voice. It is passing through one individual, yes, but at a higher level, individuality is entirely different. So very unlike it is in your world. That is why Our Voice is so unique because this is the Voice of many. That is why We speak the way we do because it is the Voice of many." [3]


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