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"It is more important to live with important questions than to collect a lot of answers."[1]

Observe yourself. See what your mind tells you. Listen to the different voices within you.
Do you use reason or emotion or the consensus of others or authority figures to dissuade you from being with something that you see?
What are the ways that you undermine your certainty and invalidate your own experience?
Do you use reason or faith or assumptions or other people’s authority or convention or history—what do you use to betray yourself and your experience?

You must know this. You must know both your strengths and your weaknesses. You must know your tendencies regarding seeing, knowing and acting.[2]

Spiritual Practice
"Whenever you are extremely upset about something, ask yourself
Is there something I need here?
Is there something I need to know here?
Is there something I need to do here? Three questions." [3]
"When you get on board a bus or a conveyance or around other people, do not judge and evaluate them. Just watch and listen. Ask yourself
What am I looking at here? And listen more deeply than the immediate response of your intellect."[3]
"Every day you are reinforcing your beliefs, your habits and your inclinations.
What are those beliefs, those habits and those inclinations?
Are you aware of them?
Do you see how you are reinforcing your weaknesses, your distractions, your vulnerability to persuasion by others?
Do you see, on a daily basis, how you keep your mind preoccupied, rarely ever aware of where you are or what is going on around you, and unaware of the guidance and the power of Knowledge within yourself?" [3]
"Ask yourself
What is coming for the world?
And what must I do to prepare?" [3]
"When listening to others talk to you, if they are presenting something important, ask yourself
What do I really know about this?" [3]

"Look and listen for what people are really communicating through their behavior and their words. Ask yourself: 'What is this person really communicating?' If you listen with this kind of attention, you might hear something very different from what they are saying or from what their appearance might be demonstrating. Then you can ask yourself: 'Is this person ready to take the steps to Knowledge?' If you ask this with this kind of objectivity, you might hear a yes or a no, or perhaps a maybe."[4]

In the midst of Great Waves of change

The Great Waves of change are coming. They are building. They are emerging on the horizon. They are already affecting millions of people around the world.
What will you do now?
What will you follow?
What voice within yourself will you follow?
What wisdom beyond yourself will you heed?
How much courage will you muster?
How far will you go in your preparation?
How seriously will you take the situation?
To what degree will you compromise yourself to meet the intentions or the expectations of others?[2]
You will be dealing with very difficult circumstances and seeing great tribulation in the world as time goes on.
How will you maintain your bearings?
How will you keep yourself from entering into fear and panic, dread and apprehension?
How will you prevent yourself from falling prey to the admonitions and the condemnations of others, which will arise all around you?
How will you keep yourself from losing heart, from giving up, from feeling hopeless and defeated?
When the rain is falling and the thunder is clashing, how will you be able to maintain clarity of mind and purpose?

These are all important questions for you now."[5]

Upon establishing relationships

"The real question in relationships is, 'What can we do together?'”[6]
"Are we going the same direction together?
Can we live together for the rest of our lives?
Can we work well together?
Can we deal with suffering and disappointment together?"[6]

"Listen to your own inclinations regarding your attraction to another person. Why are you attracted to this person? Ask yourself this: 'Why am I attracted to this person?' and objectively listen to the reasons that your mind provides. Then ask yourself: 'Can I live with this person day in and day out, given the real adversities of life? Can I really live with this person?' If you are not certain, do not commit yourself to that situation. Wait and see. It is all right to wait and see. Beyond a certain point it will be time to either give yourself or to withdraw. But at the outset you have the luxury and indeed the responsibility to wait and see."[6]


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