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Mental Environment

"The Unseen Ones feed information and insights into the minds of those who can respond. In most cases, people will think that they are coming up with their own ideas. 'Oh, I had this idea today. I think it is important,' or 'I had this feeling that I should do this.' People think it is coming from them or they think it is their own intuition, when in reality it is a gift from the Unseen Ones." [1]

"People think that Knowledge is just fleeting moments of intuition, and while they might value this intuition, rarely do they track it to its source."[2]

"Many people think that they are very intuitive and that they have always been intuitive. However, this does not mean that they have reached the threshold where Knowledge becomes really important and worthy of their time and effort." [3]

"People often ask, 'Is this about intuition?' And we say intuition is not great enough to encompass what Knowledge is and what Knowledge can do through you. Intuition is fleeting experiences of inner certainty and sometimes precognition of events, but Knowledge is so much greater. You cannot really compare them adequately. Perhaps you could say that intuition is the early fleeting experiences of Knowledge. But what Knowledge is meant to be in your life is far greater, for it is a presence. It is a power. It is an awareness. It is a capacity. It is a love at a very different level than what people think of as love. It defies human definition." [4]


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